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2024 Content Predictions

2024 Predictions for Content Creation and Marketing!

Ever wish you could have a crystal ball for your life or business?

I know I certainly do! I LOVE knowing what’s going to happen next! When I know what’s coming down the pike, I can plan, prepare, get excited, and in some cases… brace myself for it! I understand we can’t know 100%. Life is full of the unexpected and surprises. But we can still guess, predict, hope, and then plan to do our very best no matter what comes our way. 

Today, on the Content with Character podcast we’re going to have some fun with my fortune-telling skills as I share my marketing, visibility, and content creation 2024 predictions. 

In this episode with my 2024 predictions for content and marketing: 
  • Where I got the inspiration for this episode with 2024 predictions! (Thanks, Alesia!) 
  • Alesia’s five 2024 predictions for podcasters: Evergreen Content will Reign Supreme, Video is the Future of Podcast Marketing, Bold and Thought Provoking Content Wins, Information is Abundant. Be Selective, and Listeners (People) Over Downloads (Numbers)
  • My five predictions for your content and marketing in 2024: 2024 is the time to repurpose and reuse, you will stand out by being consistent, it’s about the PEOPLE, people, storytelling is (still) King, clarity will be of the utmost importance 
  • PLUS: bonus mini predictions/reminders around standing out, email marketing, AI tools, SEO and more! 

Links Mentioned: 
Alesia Galati’s Episode of Listeners to Leads: The Future of Podcasting in 2024
My Content Catalyst Strategy Sessions ((Holiday deal through 12.31.23: buy four, get one FREE!)) 
👉🏻 I spared you taking notes! Here’s the BLOG/Extended Show Notes that go with this episode

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