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Being Human is Your Secret Sauce!

Considerations when using AI in content creation

It’s time.

It’s time for me not to ignore this important topic.

We need to have the talk…

The talk about what it really means to be human and why it’s now more important than ever!

In this episode, I share my thoughts (and feelings) on humans vs. robots and why I don’t recommend letting their intelligence replace or simulate yours. I share cautions and considerations when using AI tools plus some ways to use them ethically in your marketing and content creation.

**Disclaimer: These are my current thoughts, feelings, opinions, and precautions and are subject to change as this technology is ever-evolving, and moving at the speed of light.**

In the Episode

  • What is AI and what’s the purpose of it? 
  • How are business owners using AI as a tool in their work daily? 
  • 5 Things to consider before going all in on AI
  • Why you can’t just copy and paste 
  • 9 Ways to use generative AI ethically for your marketing and content creation needs 
  • And more! 

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