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Improve Business Storytelling with a Storybank

How to Create a Storybank for Your Content

We’re constantly hearing and reading about business storytelling and how we need to do more of it! 

“Your audience loves stories.”

“People connect with stories.”

“Tell a story and you can’t go wrong.”

Where are you supposed to find all these stories to share in your business? 

There are also a lot of resources out there sharing about WHY storytelling in business is important, but not nearly as much about how you can actually get started in pulling them together to create content. 

In this week’s episode of Content with Character, you’ll learn about business storytelling as I share: 

  • What a Storybank is
  • How to create a Storybank for your content to use for business storytelling
  • How to find stories from your personal and professional life to use in your content 
  • And tons more! 

Resources Mentioned:

How to Create a Storybank for Your Business on EmilyAborn.com (Blog)  

Strategy Session with Emily Aborn (Service)  

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg (Book)  

Story Stash by Brittany Long (Book)

Stories that Stick by Kindra Hall (Book)

“Improve Storytelling in Your Business!” (Podcast)

“What if My Life is Boring?” by Laura Belgray (Blog)

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