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Client-Contractor Collaboration


If you’ve ever experienced a contractor-client or client-contractor nightmare, you know the importance of an intentional client-contractor relationship.

Working with clients, customers, and contractors is the ultimate collaboration. And for many of us, the one we encounter most frequently in running our businesses. 

In this week’s Content with Character podcast episode, we’re going to talk about both sides of the coin as contractors and clients so we can be a little better at helping each other help each other!  

We’ll get into how to be a better client and contractor as we explore: 

  • Boundaries – respecting and setting them clearly and upfront prevents resentment down the road 
  • Willingness/readiness – why it matters
  • Communication – why overcommunication is great communication! 
  • Respect – what does it even mean and how do we show it? 
  • Trust  – that little feeling that is everything! 
  • Things to ask/include in your process to work nice with others 
  • What to do when things go awry 
  • And more! 
An image of the Content with Character Podcast episode about the client-contractor relationship

Links and Resources Mentioned:
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Karen Kenney’s Episode on The Art of Apology
The Nice Guys on Business Epiode: Stephen M.R. Covey on Unleashing the Greatness in Others

Episode Quotes: 
“People who feel you trust them perform better” – Stephen M.R. Covey
“Being a collaborative contractor and a collaborative client is KEY in a successful client relationship.” – Me 🙂
“Overcommunication is good communication.” – Lisa Walczak

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