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Making Your Client the Main Character

Want your clients to walk away feeling like they just got a big ol’ HUG after working with you? 

In this episode of Content with Charcter, we’re going to talk about the importance and power of delivering impeccable client experiences and how to make your customer the main character!

What does it look like to make your clients and customers the main event in your copy, marketing, and throughout your business?  

I’ll offer you some tangibles for content creation and the customer journey and how to hug your customers with exceptional customer service every step of the way! 

In the episode: 

  • Why does customer service and customer experience matter? 
  • What’s the power and potential of having GREAT customer service? 
  • What are some examples of bad customer service and how can we do better? 
  • Tangibles for content marketing, customer journey, and more to improve your customer service throughout your business
  • The 5 C’s of client experience and customer service
  • And more! 
Why is Customer Experience and Customer Service so important for small businesses? 

There’s a lot of power and possibility for increased impact in IMPECCABLE customer service and delivering great experiences.

You make your customers feel valued, hugged, and like THEY are the main character. Which in turn means: 

  1. Customer and Client Loyalty
  2. Positive Word of Mouth 
  3. Setting Yourself Apart and Standing Out
  4. Increased Revenue
  5. And Long-Term Growth

Customer service is about relationship-building, (vs. just transactions) sustainable, consistent service, and delivering on a high quality of work. 

Making the client/customer the main character in your content and marketing:  
  1. Learn about them! Who are they really? Identify their:
    • Needs 
    • Wants
    • Values
    • What they have too much of/too little of
  2. Focus on the Benefits vs. Features 
    • Features = bells and whistles, systems, and processes
    • Benefits = how it will make them feel, change their life, lighten their load, go back to what matters to them and what they want/need
  3. Keep it Conversational!
    • Speak to one person, one issue at a time
    • Choose a tone that sounds like you! Keep it human: friendly, upbeat, encouraging, kind, positive, funny, etc. 
Making the client/customer the main character throughout your business:
  1. Communicate with them where they’re at: 
    • Consider tailoring communication specific to their individual needs (ie. audio, video, additional calls, written options, etc).
  2. Set boundaries
    • Good boundaries actually improve the customer service experience! You show up better and your clients know what to expect along the way. 
  3.  Listen and be open to feedback and willing to make a change to benefit your customers 


  4. Map out the entire customer journey and see where you can sprinkle in touchpoints and “hugs” along the way
  5. Go the extra mile 
  6. Do what you say you’ll do WHEN you say you’ll do it. 
  7. Use people’s names and remember meaningful details about their life whenever possible. 
    • Ask them questions and learn about them! 
Emily’s 5 C’s of great customer service and customer experience: 






When you make your customers the main character and commit to delivering an impeccable customer experience, they’re the star of the show! They feel important, valued, seen, heard, and in turn, you bring out their brilliance and highlight the best in them. 

Now, I want to turn it over to YOU – my main character! What’s one tiny thing you want to try to implement? A new idea sparked? Something to take into your own business? 
Resources Mentioned: 

Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell

About Me: 

I’m Emily Aborn, Content Copywriter, Speaker, and Podcast Host of Content with Character and She Built This. Since 2014, I’ve had experience running brick-and-mortar as well as online businesses. I’ve worked with 100+ industries as a copywriter, and help my clients write original copy and content they can feel confident in. For fun, I love nerdy word games, reading, listening to podcasts, and hiking in the woods with my husband, Jason, and our dog, Clyde.

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