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Collaborations in Business: Choosing Wisely!

Remember Group Projects in School?

Group projects in school could go really really well, or really really bad. It all depended on who was in your GROUP and how they meshed together. Did you cooperate, communicate, and each pick up some of the workload? Or did everything fall on you or someone else in the group while everyone else sat back and waited for that sweet sweet A+ to fall into their lap without having to lift a finger? 

Collaborations are the group projects of the business world! 

Collaborations in business are the new group projects!

I’d venture to say that almost every business owner I can think of… has to COLLABORATE in some way somehow somewhere along their journey. 

Collaborations in business include: 

  1. Working directly with clients
  2. Hiring subcontractors or employees
  3. Working with other contractors for a client 
  4. Events and special one-offs (summits, workshops, etc.) 
  5. Podcast guesting/hosting 
  6. Speaking engagements 
  7. Partnerships, joint ventures, affiliate marketing, vendors, and more! 

In this episode, we’re going to talk about what goes into choosing collaborations as well as being a GREAT collaborator! I’ll get into: 

  • Types of collaborations in business 
  • Why collaboration in business is so important
  • My definition of collaboration 
  • Criteria to use when choosing who you collaborate within your business
  • How to be a great collaborator in business!
  • And more! 
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