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Content is a Bridge

Who we are and who we're talking to in our content.

Content has so much more power when we take time on the front end of the content creation process to consider our goals with our marketing content and get clear on the person we’re speaking to. 

I see business owners missing this mark when it comes to their content and messaging by skipping this crucial piece of showing WHO THEY ARE in their content and keeping showing the client/customer THEM! 

Who are YOU?

I heard this really great analogy from Laura Beauparlant Lab Creative as she compared our businesses to cupcakes… 🤤

Imagine a giant trayful of plain, vanilla cupcakes. And let’s pretend that everyone in your industry doing what you do is one of those cupcakes on that try. All the writers in the world, the graphic designers, the coaches, consultants interior designers, they’re all on that tray with nothing differentiating you from one another. 

What would make it so that a customer would choose YOU as the cupcake over another? 

Maybe they’d go with the one that’s closest to them and most convenient. Or the one that was furthest because they thought it was freshest, but chances are high it would be, maybe they just pick the cheapest one, but for the most part pretty random as to what they chose and why. 

The fact is, there ARE a lot of people doing what you do! And we do not want to be victim to people just choosing us because we are closest or cheapest. 

So how do we differentiate ourselves in a saturated market and busy online space? How do we stand out from the noise? 

You choose not to be a vanilla cupcake, you decorate your cupcake anyway that is true to YOU and determine what type of cupcake it is in the first place: 

Red velvet cake with buttercream frosting, carrot cake with crunchy walnuts and cream cheese frosting, Chocolate with the darkest chocolate you’ve ever tasted. 

You get to decorate that cupcake however you like. 

Not every person is going to be drawn to YOUR cupcake – some people don’t like chocolate, some people are allergic to walnuts, and some are suckers for red velvet cake.

Show yourself. In your copy and in your branding, you can show and highlight what makes YOU uniquely YOU. 

What sets you apart from all of those other cupcakes? That’s what will draw people to you, and furthermore, it helps repel the people you don’t want! 

Who are THEY?

What does a day in the life look like for your people? 

What are they struggling with before you work with them? What are they DREADING in their day? What part of their business, life, etc. do they absolutely loathe dealing with and why? What’s tiring them out right now?

These are the pieces you help with. 

Every time you create a piece of content, I want you to close your eyes and picture someone you either have worked with and loved or someone that you’d love to work with and we will write and create with them in mind. Just ONE person. Speak to just one of them at a time! 

This episode will help you gain insights into your clients and customers in a new way so you can speak directly to them and where they are in their journey. 

Topics covered in this episode: 

  • Content is communication. You have to do is communicate clearly to your customers, as YOU to create a bridge. 

  • Decorating your cupcake – go from vanilla to the flavor of your creation! 

  • Deciphering features vs. benefits in what you offer 

  • Who are your customers? Get specific! 

  • What are they doing right now? Day in the life? 

About the Podcast and Host, Emily Aborn:
The Content with Character podcast is focused on marketing, visibility, and content creation in a way that works for YOU! My desire for this show is to help you unlock more and more of your YOU-ness so that you can stand out as a business owner and make a bigger impact in the world. 

I’m your host, Emily Aborn, a Content and Website Copywriter. I’m also the owner and founder of She Built This, as well as a podcast host of the She Built This podcast.

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