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Choosing a Content Strategy that Works for YOU!

Four Types of Content Strategy

In this episode, I share about four types of content strategy and how to choose which is right for you. You’ll have what you need to decide for yourself whether or not your need a content strategy as you learn what it can and can’t do for your content marketing. 

We’ll discuss how to tie your own business goals for the month together with what your clients need and want. 

I’ll break down these four potential content strategies and make them easy, plus show you the method to my madness in mapping it out on a monthly and weekly basis. 

I’ll answer: 

  • What a content strategy is
  • What a content strategy CAN do for your business
  • What a content strategy CAN’T do for your business
  • What a Brand Awareness strategy might look like 
  • What a Thought Leadership strategy might look like 
  • What a Lead Generation strategy might look like 
  • What a Customer Retention strategy might look like 
  • How to map out your month and week (simple cheat sheet below) with a super basic content strategy 
  • And more! 

Example Content Marketing Strategy Download (don’t judge me, it’s just a Google Doc) 

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