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The Cost of Procrastination

Is procrastinating just being "lazy"?

Procrastination is our creative response to not wanting to do something, being too busy to get to something, dreading something, and even needing everything to be perfect before doing it or while doing it. 

Contrary to common belief, it’s not “lazy” and in fact, procrastination takes a hefty amount of emotional, mental, and sometimes physical energy.

In this episode, which is Part I of II episodes on overcoming procrastination, we’ll talk about the costs of procrastination as well as some ways to start getting clear on what you need to do to overcome it for yourself! 

I’ll answer the questions: 

  • How can we remove the label from ourselves of being a “procrastinator”? 
  • Does being a procrastinator make you lazy? 
  • How much time does the average person spend a day/year procrastinating? 
  • What are six costs of procrastinating? 
  • What do people do when they procrastinate? 
  • And more! 

Tune into the next episode of Content with Character where we get into Part II: Six Styles of Procrastination ((Link coming soon!)) 

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