Emily Aborn Content Copywriting and Consulting Services

Copywriting FAQ’s 


Outsourcing your content and copy to a copywriting can feel like a big leap! I’m here to make it smooth and help you feel confident. Many of my clients come to me initially when they’re creating a new website, rebranding, refining their messaging, honing in on their ideal clients, or looking to take a TON of content creation tasks off their plate entirely. The best answer is as soon as you feel a twinge or headache alongside content creation. Contact Me

The cost of working with a content copywriter is dependent on the scope of the project. Many of my services are one-time, quick refresh offerings and are a flat fee. With 1:1 copywriting work and projects, I sit down with you and go over your needs and am able to offer you a quote after we chat! 

Yes! My zone of genius is finding YOUR unique voice and bringing it to life on the page. I do this through a copy/branding questionnaire when we start working together, a thorough Strategy Call, and checks and balances such as a tone and voice check right from the get go! I use your exact words as I represent your thoughts and ideas and accurately reflect your brand. 

Yes! I provide ongoing done-with-you coaching where we check in monthly and I act as a resource to assist you in whatever you’re creating. Together, we’ll get you a content strategy and help you be more confident in what you share and how throughout your messaging. Interested? Contact Me HERE! 

She Built This is a podcast for business owners and professionals excited and inspired by success and focused on personal growth. If you’re someone taking action towards your dreams, this show is for you! Join us for lots of laughs and learning with me, Emily Aborn, as I interview successful women entrepreneurs, professionals, and those who support them who are changing the world by following their passions! One part inspiration, one part practical tips and tangibles, and many parts FUN!

Content with Character is the catalyst for your marketing! If you’re ready to take action, think outside the box, and experiment with some unconventional approaches to content creation and visibility, this is the podcast for you. I’ll be your side every step of the way and will keep you laughing and learning as you create content with more inspiration and ease. 

It’s time to take the “hard work” out of building character in your content!

Yes! I absolutely LOVE being a guest on other people’s podcasts as well as speaking at organizations on content creation, marketing, visibility, and entrepreneurship. Contact Me HERE to see if I’d be a good fit for your organization. 

The Marketing Momentum Lab is available as a four-part series (90-minute sessions weekly or bi-weekly) or a one-day offering (6 hours) for organizations and small groups.

In the Marketing Momentum Lab, I take your employees and team members through four out-of-the-box ways to increase their visibility in a way that works for them as individuals, and you as an organization.

Your group will walk away with an accelerated pep in their step and a creative visibility action plan unique to you so you can confidently and courageously share, reach new audiences, and amplify your message.