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F.O.M.O: The Fear of Missing Out

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and Fear Of a Better Option (FOBO)

We’ve probably all heard about FOMO, but what about FOBO?

FOBO (fear of a better option): is the anxiety created by the perception that there’s a better option out there. And the belief that the longer you wait, deliberate, and think about it…
the better decision you’ll make.

The reality is: FOBO slows you down. It’s bad for you, it’s disrespectful to others, and it makes it a whole lot harder to build your dream and move forward.

I see this often in the entrepreneurial world. We slow to a halt because we’re scared to pick the wrong thing, we don’t want to choose something subpar, we want the BEST.

But what we don’t realize (and research proves this) is that when we put this much weight on there being a better option, no matter how long we take to decide, we end up actually feeling more remorse and less satisfaction with what we chose.

To help us break this cycle and figure out what we’re supposed to do in a world with too many ice cream flavors, I’m chatting with the very founder of the phrases FOMO and FOBO, himself, on my podcast!

More than just the man who coined the term FOMO, Patrick J. McGinnis is an author, speaker, venture capitalist, expert entrepreneur, and is the host of a thriving podcast: FOMO Sapiens.

Committed to creating a world where FOMO (the fear of missing out) is harnessed for good, Patrick is dedicated to sharing the tools for mastering decision-making, curating powerful networks, and building successful businesses.

This episode dives in on what is under the fear of missing out and what to do about it.  

How do you overcome the overwhelm of FOMO and FOBO?

If you’re overwhelmed by all of the many decisions, opportunities, places to go and people to see and frequently find yourself feeling the “fear of missing out”, this episode is for you! 

Many entrepreneurs share that they experience the fear of missing out, FOMO around: home ownership, travel, large scale events, and entrepreneurship itself! 

Patrick McGinnis shares how to overcome some of these feelings of FOMO and make the fear of missing out a productive force in our lives rather than letting it hold us back.

Our conversation on FOMO, Fear of Missing Out covers: 

  • How Patrick McGinnis started as an angel investor and venture capitalist 

  • Where the term “Fear Of Missing Out” (FOMO) came from and what Patrick’s founder definition is

  • Where FOMO shows up for us today and why it’s more prevalent than ever 

  • How FOMO can be productive and move us forward towards what matters 

  • Why JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) isn’t always the answer and what to focus on instead 

  • What FOBO (Fear of Better Options) is and why it’s never a good thing

  • How to make better decisions 

  • And MORE!  

About Patrick McGinnis and how to connect with him online to learn more about overcoming FOMO:

Patrick McGinnis created the terms FOMO and FOBO while he was a student at Harvard Business School. Now, over 15 years later, he will show you how to banish FOMO and FOBO in order to find the power to choose what you actually want and the courage to miss out on the rest.

Patrick is a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and the host and creator of the hit podcast FOMO Sapiens, which has surpassed 2 million downloads, consistently ranks among the Top 100 business podcasts in the United States, the UK, India, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and 20+ additional markets across the globe.

He is also the author of the international bestseller The 10% Entrepreneur, a guide to part-time personal and corporate innovation published by Penguin in 2016.

His new book Fear of Missing Out: Practical Decision-Making in a World of Overwhelming Choice came out in May 2020.


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