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How to Choose What to Share

Deciding Where to Show Up and HOW

When asked to choose her FAVORITE or to narrow down options, my dear friend Lisa Zawrotny, host of the Positively Living Podcast often humorously responds, “Don’t make me choooooose!!” 

Lisa, like many of us doesn’t like being limited in her decisions, put in a box, or forced to do just any one thing. At the same time, Lisa’s great at prioritizing and focusing on what matters most, the important stuff, once she has the clarity. 

In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about how to choose what to share in your content and marketing when you have limited time and resources, but an abundance of options! 

In this episode, I cover: 

  • Why choosing matters in the first place (for you and those you’re sharing with) 
  • How to consider where you are now when choosing what to share 
  • Asking yourself where your people are when choosing what to share 
  • 5 Actionable ideas for narrowing down what to share
  • 2 Questions to ask yourself when deciding where to show up 
  • Emily’s 5 G’s of making a decision 
  • And more! 
Episode Highlights: 

Why it Behooves You (and your audience) to Choose: 

  1. Helps provide clarity for the one consuming and for you! 
  2. We have limited time, energy, money, resources, and can’t be running in a million different directions, obligated to all the things, doing things that aren’t valuable in some way to you. Yes, you ARE superhuman but you’re not THAT superhuman. 
  3. Not choosing is an easy pass to not doing and taking action.
  4. You can miss opportunities and possibilities when you don’t choose. 
  5. There’s power in having intention and direction behind you. Making a choice and following through with your decision shows you mean business!
5 Ideas for How to Choose: 
  1. Things you want to promote in your business.
  2. Seasonality-based content
  3. Topical themes
  4. One niche at a time, one person at a time, one problem at a time.
  5. An inside-out approach: what’s pulling at you? Inspiring you? What interests you right now? What are you curious about right now?
My 5G’s for how to choose: 

Gut -the immediate internal yay or nay? 

Goal – does it align with my goals? What’s the point? What do I want in doing this? Bonus if it achieves two+ in one! 

Gusto – how excited do I feel to do it? 

GO – choose it! Take your first step in the direction of your decision and give it a whirl. You’ll get a lot of information from taking action. 

Guage – revisit down the road and check in on your decision. Is it still the right choice for you right now? 

Dive into the Episode! 
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