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How to Take Good Pictures for Social Media

You want to get more visible but...

All you can think of to share on social media are images of your coffee mug and cat.

Do you feel like your life is “too boring” to get good photos from? 

Have you ever wondered how to take good pictures on social media?

For those who want to share more images on social media, it can be frustrating not to know how to take good pictures for social media. In this She Built This podcast episode, my guest Bonnie Dickson, Visibility Strategist and Photographer will show us the best practices for pictures we share online and how to take good pictures for social media that create that scroll-stopping first impression online. 

A good image can work for you and your business while you sleep. 

Bonnie Dickson hears a common problem amongst entrepreneurs and business owners that they don’t know how to take good pictures for social media and they aren’t sure when and how to best use them online. 

Bonnie walks us through tangible tips and practical steps as she shares how to take good pictures for social media that are authentic, consistent, and on-brand. 

In our conversation, we discuss: 

  • Common struggles business owners have when it comes to taking and sharing good pictures for social media and online 

  • Best practices for taking good pictures for social media 

  • What images not to post on social media 

  • How to take good pictures for social media that align with our brands

  • How to take better pictures at home 

  • How to take pictures that pictures spark interest and curiosity on social media 

  • And more! 

  • Common problem: How, where or when to use photos

  • Visibility Strategy Checklist

Tips from this She Built This podcast episode on how to take good pictures for social media: 

  1. For Instagram, decide whether or not you will be using it personally or professionally. If you’re using it for your business, aim for 80% of the photos you share on social media to be professional and keep the personal to about 20%. 

  2. Authenticity can be increased without all the fancy filters! 

  3. Consistency equals familiarity and helps to build trust. 

  4. A picture still speaks a thousand words! 

  5. Prior to posting, ask yourself if the photo you’re about to share on social media gives them any reason to doubt you. 

  6. People make assumptions based on what they see. 

  7. Your life isn’t boring! 

  8. Best practices for taking good pictures for social media include finding natural lighting, bringing in different perspectives, and using your brand colors and vibe. 

  9. What not to post on social media: Things that take away from your professionalism, patterns, and locations, vacations if your home is vacant when your spouse/roommates are gone and you’re home alone. 

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About Bonnie Dickson

Bonnie is a Business Visibility Strategist and Photographer who believes first impressions are the key to profitable businesses. 

She helps her clients stand out in the busy online marketplace, consistently attract the types of clients they want to work with, and convert Google searches into potential customers that walk through the door.

Her strategic, creative, and artistic approach to business photography has guided clients to use images that are scroll-stopping, approachable, and best of all create an immediate sense of trust because they look just like they do in the photos!

With over 30 IMDB film and commercial credits to her name and 15 years of digital photography experience, Bonnie’s knowledge spans multiple industries. She will make any business owner feel immediately at ease in front of the camera. 

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