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Is Blogging Still Relevant?

is blogging alive and well or is it dead?

This blog will help you as a business owner get a better understanding of how blogging is still relevant and can make you money by bringing in more qualified leads to your business.

It will also help you focus on what to blog about to ensure your blog stays relevant. 

Is Blogging Still Relevant? 

Why you might think it’s dead…

Maybe you feel like you’ve been creating content and shoveling it out into the ether for a while now. And maybe the result has been 🦗 crickets. Or maybe you just assume no one reads anything anymore because #kidsnowadays amiright? 

When people tell me that blogging is dead, it usually means either: 

  • No one is reading their blog and they don’t can’t figure out why 
  • They’re too busy to keep up with it and looking for excuses not to do it

Blogging is still relevant. 

People are reading blogs! In fact, while only 32% of the population listens to podcasts… 60% of the population reads blogs. Blogging is far from dead. 

Blogging is still highly relevant and is a great way to increase traffic to your podcast, service, membership, and more! Between you and me, blogging can also be the foundation for all your content – everywhere! 

Don’t take it from me, here are some stats that will help you make the decision for yourself!  

Why Blog: 

Ready to make your blogging efforts worth it? Let’s dive in! 

Did you know that nearly 6 million blogs get published every day!? Before you get scared by that number and think, “Why would I blog? How can I compete with the other 5,999,999??” 

Take this as a good sign that blogging is, in fact, still relevant and not the least bit dead. 

Blog Stats*

  • Blogging helps your brand connect with potential customers and clients searching for YOUR solution to their problems
  • Blogs can lead up to 55% more visitors to your website! 
  • Blogging is a low-cost marketing tool that can generate up to three times more leads!
  • Blogs are shared and passed on 94% of the time to help someone else
  • Putting your blog at the center of your content plan increases your chance of generating revenue off of it by 13 times. 

Can Blogging Make You Money? 

Blogging can make you money by generating leads for your business, getting you visibility with quality SEO, and lead to the consumption of more of your content. Blogging can also be used to directly sell products, services, memberships, etc.

Blogs give you the opportunity to answer the questions your customers are already searching for, provide them with valid solutions to their problems, and pain points, and share your expertise in a way that proves you a credible source of information. 

Have I successfully answered why blogging is still relevant and shown you that it’s worth it!? 


What to blog about and how often

If you’re a busy entrepreneur or business owner, coming up with blogging post ideas is probably just one more thing on your plate. 

Here are my blogging tips and secrets to make it easier:

1. Make your blog part of the big picture of your content plan 

Your blog doesn’t need to be a stand-alone piece of content. Your blog themes can tie into your social media posts, email marketing campaigns, podcast episodes, LIVE videos and workshops, and all the other great bits of content you share with the world! 

For example, I recently did a podcast called, “How to Grow Your Business Faster with a CEO Day”. Since I know some people enjoy taking in content by reading vs. listening, I wrote a blog that went along with it breaking down how to incorporate a CEO Day or Strategy Day in your business and how to find the time. 

I also chunked down the blog into social media posts and an email campaign! 

I’m a big fan of cohesion when coming up with blog post ideas. The more unity with everything else you have going on, the better. 

Reminder: Not everyone will read your blog, not everyone will see your social media posts, and not everyone will listen to your podcast, but having the content in various forms for your audience to consume is KEY to helping it reach more hearts, minds, and ears. 

And… even if they do see the same thing twice, it’s going to land and make them think that much more! 

2. Lead with value to ensure your blog is relevant

I know we’re sick of hearing about “value” in our content… but it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. A blog can be a great tool for showing your expertise, building rapport and trust with your potential buyers, helping someone with what they’re struggling with, and showing off your brand personality and what sets you apart.

The key is beginning with your reader in mind. 

  • Who are they? 
  • What questions are on their minds? 
  • What are they feeling and struggling with? 
  • What action can they take that will help move them through their problem? 

Here’s a quick method I like to use to brainstorm a lot of potential blog post ideas FAST!

First, I get started by making a list of things I’m an expert in or want to share right now that my ideal clients would find helpful. Think of as many as you can (we will whittle this down in a moment!) 


  • A framework you teach
  • Myths you bust
  • Solutions you provide
  • Questions you answer
  • Things to avoid / not to do
  • Things to do
  • Powerful personal or client stories with a takeaway message

Then I choose 3-5 of those topics as ones I want to focus on first. From there, I start researching. Who else has already written about this topic and what do they have to say? What shows up on Google when I search for this topic? 

From there, I write an outline – which admittedly, sometimes looks sloppy but helps me to hash out my blog post ideas and get more clarity. I write down related stories, bullet points, and obstacles I need to focus on overcoming, and then I begin! 

Blogging is a bridge between what you offer and what your people need. 

To keep your blog relevant, choose topics that are in alignment with your ideal audience and their needs. What topics are your potential clients wondering about that relate to what you have to share? You wouldn’t try to sell a hamburger at Saks Fifth Avenue, just like you shouldn’t focus on blogging post ideas that have nothing to do with your ideal client and what you can help them with!

How often should I post on a blog? 

Experts recommend blogging 2-4 times per week to get the maximum fresh content on your website and help with your ranking and site traffic. 

I know what you’re thinking, “Emily, I don’t even blog 2-4 times a YEAR, never mind a week!” Ok, so first off, that’s why you need to hire someone like me to help you write rockstar blogs and stay consistent with them. 

But secondly, don’t panic. You can take this at your own pace. 

In order to determine how often you should post on a blog, you need to consider, for yourself: 

  • What your goals are for blogging
  • How much time you have to commit to posting on a blog
  • If you won’t be the one creating them, how much resources you have to commit to this
  • What your audience needs
  • Whether or not you can repurpose a lot of what you have in other forms

Your frequency of blogging to attract new clients might look different than blogging about a particular product or membership. If you’re trying to grow your email list, or podcast listeners, you can plan how often to post on your blog that works for you with these goals and audience members in mind. 

The key is to choose a frequency that works for you to stay consistent. Start small and increase how often you post on your blog as you can. 

Because my content is easily recycled, I post on a weekly basis with a blog that includes: 

  • A story that I’ve created and curated to send out to my email list 
  • A recap of the most recent podcast episodes
  • Any additional tips or resources for my reader related to the topic in the podcast episode

I also try to post at least two additional blogs a month that are written in a more informative, educational voice and are specifically related to content writing and entrepreneurship. 

I repurpose all the material from the additional blog to share across social media and email marketing as well. With the right strategy in place, your blogging can inform so much of your marketing efforts! 

Blogging is still relevant if you are. 

Client Blog Success Stories

My client, Sue (not her actual name), came to me for a Content Bundle. She had a plethora of recorded Facebook Live and YouTube videos and a very empty blog page.

  • We created relevant blogs by honing in on what keeps her ideal clients up at night
  • I wrote 27 blogs for her, packed with her information, expertise, and insights.
  • The blogs corresponded with 100+ social media posts 

The blogs attract people from Pinterest and lead back to her own website. The overwhelm of constantly generating content is gone.

My Client Camille (not her actual name either), came to me for a Website Review and Blog Package. She had a podcast with information that met her ideal client’s needs. 

  • I took her episodes on topics like “How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome” and “How to Make Better Decisions” and worked my magic
  • I repurposed the content in these episodes into blogs that generate more leads to her website with keywords and SEO best practices. 

Camille is repurposing these into quips, quotes, and tips to share on social media! 

Ready for someone to take blogging off your plate entirely? I’d love to work with you as your content writer to write relevant blogs infused with your unique voice and messaging. 

*These stats are compiled and broken down from “The Top 24 Business Blogging Statistics for 2022