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How Your Words Can Make You Money

Three ways to use your words to build your business and relationships. 

For me, owning a business has never been all about the Benjamins. Obviously I need money to pay my mortgage and buy the copious amount of lemons I consume in my water, but being an entrepreneur, for me is part of my DNA. 

I was born to dance to the beat of my own drum and have a business -so I’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur (for the foreseeable future) and now I use my business to make me money. 

With a disclaimer like that, I also need to add the disclaimer that there’s nothing WRONG with making money. In fact, I personally enjoy it immensely and find it highly motivating.

Making good money allows us to live the lives we want, it allows us to impact even more people positively, and it’s also ok to want money just to want money. 

This blog will crack open a topic you may not have explored and that is how we use our WORDS to make us money and improve our own lives and the lives of others. 

How to Make Money with Your Voice and Words

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you use words and voice to make you money in a variety of ways. I’m a writer, speaker, and podcaster, so it’s pretty obvious in my case. 

Here are some other examples: 

  • If you’re a coach, consultant, strategist, or advisor: Your words are the ways you transmit ideas and create change in someone else’s life – therefore, your words make you money.
  • If you’re a graphic designer: You use your words to describe what you do, how you do it, and what makes you unique. You might also offer guidance to your clients in how to utilize the brand you’ve created in the most effective and cohesive way possible. Your words make you money. 
  • If you’re a travel advisor: You have to put a wholllleeee lot of time and effort into making people get all the information through words (very detailed ones at that) and that the right words get sent to the right people to make sure they get where they need to be at the right times. You also offer advice as to where all the bathrooms are at Disney World, which restaurant is the best at that resort in Turks and Caicos, and in short… your words make you money.

Catch my drift? 

Alright, now let’s get into how your words can make you money in sales conversations, in your content, and connecting with others. 

Your Words Can Make You Money in Sales Conversations 

For many of us, a sales conversation goes a little something like this: 

  • We determine our client’s goals and objectives
  • We offer them a solution to help them reach said goals or objectives and share the price
  • We ask them if they’d like the solution 

Approaching sales conversations with a desire to listen more than you “sell”, and a desire to learn more about where they’re coming from will help you be more successful throughout the process. 

If you want WAY more info than I can ever give you about sales, listen to my episode with Nikki Rausch, The Sales Maven HERE. 

In sales situations, here are two ways to start using your words more effectively: 

  • Don’t write lengthy novels in your head about what’s happening behind the scenes for your ideal clients. Their pockets and brains are not your story to tell. It doesn’t do anyone any favors, especially not you. 
  • Consider adding more questions to your sales conversations. For example, recently, I decided to add a simple question to mine, “Have you ever worked with a content writer or copywriter before?” That single question gives me tons of information about what went well for them in the past, and what didn’t. It also might help me to gauge whether or not they have any idea of pricing or a budget in mind. The more questions we ask, the more helpful we can be in offering the right solution for the other person. 

Sales are a collaborative experience and the person and our relationship with them are always more important than any sale. So use your words in sales conversations to connect rather than create division. 

Your Words Can Make You Money in Your Content 

As a content writer, I’m well aware that content can make you money. 

Content doesn’t usually do the actual selling for you (unless we’re talking about a sales page here, a topic I avoid like I do airports). But your content does help connect your ideal client to YOU. 

Content is a Bridge. 

It helps your ideal client realize who you are, what you do, how you can help them, and then guide them across to safety (aka YOU)! 

We can use a mix of foundational, personal, educational, and promotional content to help people cross the bridge to working with us. 

More on that HERE. 

I often see people focusing too much on promotional content at the expense of the rest. 

Or they’re afraid of selling, so they never share how people can work with them and go deeper. 

Ideally,  you want a nice balance of all of these types of content to use your words to build the know, like, and trust factor. 

Your words can make you money by leading people to work with you. 

Your Words Can Make You Money When Connecting with Others

Whether 1:1 connect calls, or larger networking get-togethers, whether virtual or in-person, your words can make you money when connecting with others. 

When you hop into these situations, I recommend if at all possible going in with a relative degree of preparation. If it was an email that connected you, go back through to the introduction and find out why you were connected in the first place. Look at their website or LinkedIn and jot down some curiosity questions you have for them. Go beyond what they do and choose something you want to learn more about that will show you paid attention to what you learned about them and want to know more! 

Coming to a conversation prepared can kickstart the connection, take the nervousness out, and help skip the small talk we all dread. 

Don’t approach these situations with your agenda – the goal isn’t to sell yourself or your services, it’s to build a relationship and get to know the person on the other end. This is a whole entire module I cover in my Marketing Momentum Lab and we’re actually talking about it this week. People can sniff out a sales pitch a mile away, and it’s typically a turn-off, so don’t approach your coffee calls with that mentality. 

If you’re in a group setting and have a chance to pitch, consider how you can make it a little more intriguing (a gift to your listener!). What if instead of saying, “I’m a business coach, a nutritionist, a yoga teacher, a podcaster, a content writer, etc.” you made it a little more interesting? 

One thing I love to do when someone asks, “What do you do?” is to reply by sharing what I’m working on NOW for a project. For example, “Right now, I’m writing for a Wellness Coach who wanted someone to go through every blog she’s ever written since 719 BC and turn it into social media content. So now all she has to do is copy, paste, and post for the next year!” No one’s out there saying your pitch needs to be plain Jane. And it’s a true gift to the person on the other side when you show them you’re interested in creating a connection with your words (which keeping their attention does). 

Approach these situations with the mindset that your words and voice can help one another grow your selves, businesses, and networks. 

Last thing on the connect calls – don’t be afraid to ask for things that would help you and simultaneously offer to help them! 

Someone I recently connected with asked me how he could help me at the end of our conversation. I usually just reply with something like, “Oh don’t worry about me, thanks, I’m good!” (Cause truth be told, I really am always good) Instead, I said, “Well, I’d love for you to share my upcoming event with someone you know who might be interested. I’ll send you the link and info!” And of course, he said he’d be happy to! People LOVE helping and it creates even more connection when they do! 

Don’t be afraid to ASK for them to help you (and return the favor of course). 

Be intentional about what you’re saying, and how you’re showing up with your words and actions. 

Use your words throughout your business in a way that leaves you resting your head on the pillow at night feeling content. 

Use your words to build connections and relationships, and understand and help others. Lift them up, be a friend, and provide support. 

Sometimes, this requires PAUSING, or going slower. 

Pausing can give you a chance to listen, LEARN, and grow. 

In your business, your words are a tool you have to propel your business forward. Your voice and your words are part of your toolbox in your business and can make you money.

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