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5 choices to make in your marketing and messaging

Seems nowadays everyone’s got an opinion on your marketing and messaging, don’t they!? 

Some say do this. 
Others say do that. 

If you spend any time online or on social media, you’ll see a lot of definite lines drawn in the sand, all of which say polar opposite things you “should” be doing in your marketing and messaging. 

It can be confusing when it comes to choosing THIS or THAT in various aspects of our businesses, marketing, and messaging.

How do you make sense of all the noise and figure out what THIS or THAT is right for YOU? 

THIS episode will help you do exactly THAT.  

I’ll get into: 

  • Defining a niche vs. not 
  • Planning your content or letting it RIP! 
  • Crafting an elevator pitch, or speaking off the cuff 
  • Short content vs. long content 
  • Throwaway / garbage content or fine-tuned? 
BIG thanks to this week’s episode idea-generators:
Tim Shank, Melissa Snow, Jessica Terzakis, Lior Sadeh, Krista Hernandez, and Ariana Refsdal

MASSIVE thanks to our sharers of the week: Lisa Zawrotny of the Positively Living Podcast and Doug Sandler of the Nice Guys on Business Podcast

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Hello! I’m Emily Aborn, I’m a Content Copywriter, host of Content with Character, as well as the She Built This podcast. I’m a question-asker, New Hampshire lover (except in the winter), wife, dog mom, auntie, friend, sister, cousin, sister-in-law, and word game nerd…. I’m sure there are more labels, but we’ll stop there. I’m on a mission to be more ME and show you how to be more YOU in your marketing and messaging. 

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