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Trick or Treat Marketing

Steer clear of marketing tricks and treat them instead!

There are lots of “marketing tricks” and tips out there to lure people in and get them to BUY! 

My M.O. is to steer clear of all the trickery out there and focus on making your marketing more of a TREAT instead. 

In this episode, we’re going to get into three ways to do just that! 

For this month of October 2023 – in the spirit of Halloween, we’ve been getting into some of the darker sides of marketing and business with some of those not entirely FUN things that happen to us as entrepreneurs. 

Today, we’re getting into how to make your content more of a TREAT and avoid the marketing tricks with three ideas to help you: 

Be more YOU wherever you’re showing up in your content. 
Be kind. 
Be intentional. 

Resources Mentioned:

My personal Facebook page if you want to see the SCARIEST things people see online and in social media

Jessica Osborn’s Podcast Episode of “She’s the Business” with Lisa Twohig: How to Cut Through the Crowd by Having Fun in Your Content 

My lame ass attempt at following an Instagram trend (thank you to my one commenter!)

Karen Kenney’s “Giving Credit Matters” podcast episode 
She Built This podcast episode with Alice Karolina “How We Sell Matters” – Ethical Marketing

Special Thanks: 

Kristy and Vicki for sharing the podcast! The Muscle Relaxer for your kind review and positive words!

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