What if marketing could be more FUN? 

Marketing can feel easier and more INSPIRED when you approach it differently

The Marketing Momentum Lab is an interactive, workshop-style program where I help you and your organization take a deep breath, regroup, and redefine “marketing”.

Together, we take an out-of-the-box approach to your team, group, or organization’s marketing and you’ll be guided to choose and focus on new ways of marketing that work and feel doable. 

How much faster could you go if you had a plan with action steps unique to you and your goals? Where could you be if you gained momentum in your marketing strategy and had the tools you need to sustain it?

IMage of a woman who does not want to handle her marketing, it's giving her a headache from the looks of it.

What you might feel when you think about "marketing"...

Social Media Platforms: There are a million (and one) to choose from… which do you pick? How much is too much? What’s “enough?” Cue the downward spiral, not to mention headache…

Pitching Yourself: You feel like you’re yelling into a void because people aren’t replying, #ithoughtthisiswhatIwassupposedtobedoing

FRUSTRATION: You’re currently throwing LOTS of spaghetti at the wall and it just bounces right off…

The Marketing Momentum Lab exists to help small businesses redefines "Marketing"



gain the right tools for the job


have fun marketing your business!


share your message in the way only you can 


turn that folder full of ideas into ACTION!

Marketing and visibility that works for your group!

It's time to get excited about sharing and showing up!

The Marketing Momentum Lab is available as a 4-part series (90-minute sessions, weekly or bi-weekly) or a 1-day offering (6 hrs.) for organizations and small groups.

In the Marketing Momentum Lab, I take your employees and team members through four out-of-the-box ways to increase their visibility in a way that works for them as individuals, and you as an organization.

Your group will walk away with an accelerated pep in their step and a creative visibility action plan unique to you so you can confidently and courageously share, reach new audiences, and amplify your message.

  • Forging collaborations
  • Maintaining consistency
  • Creative content strategy
  • Increasing audience connection
  • And more!
Redefine marketing as we gain momentum.

Here's what's included ...

individualized Strategy

Tailored to your organization and group’s concerns and needs, each session is run in a workshop format and allows time for individualized strategy and discussion of unique obstacles. 

in-person or online

If you’re local to NH, I will come to you! I can also conduct the Marketing Momentum Lab virtually via Zoom. I offer this as a four-part series (90-minute sessions weekly, bi-weekly) or a one-day retreat-style offering (6 hours)


There will be lots of team-building and a focus on community and collaboration within your group or organization. My hope is that you grow as a team with your very own dedicated small group of like-minded marketeers who are excited about growth and learning!

Resources galore

Don’t worry… I come prepared with worksheets, a workbook, and any materials I think we’ll need. I follow up with any resources, tips, tools, and bonus goodies I can think of to help you and your organization thrive long after the day/sessions are done. 

A High-Touch, Small Group Experience, Uniquely Tailored for YOU

Unforgettably You Event

I'm not one to toot my own horn, but this isn't your average DIY course or group program...

You’ll gain Clarity!

You’ll know which three marketing methods to focus on and experiment with – who’s doing what, and which to ditch or put aside for now! 

You’ll be motivated to take action!

You’ll develop an action plan to move forward with ease and increased confidence.

You’ll discover something new! 

You’ll learn new ways of thinking about your marketing efforts and feel inspired to step out-of-the-box!

marketing momentum lab success stories

"An incredible program."

AManda C.

“Marketing Momentum Lab is working!!! I got one of my top three completed thanks to this group! Yay!” 

Bonnie R.

“It was nice having different businesses represented and being able to brainstorm together.” 

Pricing and Duration Options

One Day Workshop

$ 1,000 6-Hours (15 and 30 min. break)
  • Held in person (locally) or online in one action-packed day
  • resources including workbooks, handouts, and more!
  • discussion and group work
  • individual work and self-reflection
  • up to 15 participants

Four Sessions

$ 1700 4 weekly or bi-weekly sesions
  • held in person (locally) or online
  • resources including workbooks, handouts, and more!
  • discussion and group work in each session
  • individual work and self-reflection in each session
  • up to 15 participants


This group program is designed for those ready to show up and dive in on growing their business. If I’m doing this via Zoom, it’s definitely ok if not everyone can make it to all the live sessions, but I’ll highly encourage them to show up whenever possible to get the most out of the experience. You’ll receive an email with a recording immediately after every session to distribute to your team members/group. No live sessions are recorded by me, though your welcome to do so. We will choose a consistent, convenient time for each session. 

We’ll work this to be as convenient as possible for you and your organization or group! Once paid, we’ll set up a time that works best for as many as possible. 

Email me: emily@emilyaborn.com. If there’s one thing I love just as much as creating and helping others, it’s answering questions! Which now that I type it, I realize is pretty much the same thing…

I love making these experiences as interactive as possible. If you have more than fifteen people in your organization that you’d like to take the Marketing Momentum Lab – we can discuss solutions that work for you as far as pricing and structure to meet your group’s needs. Contact me at emily@emilyaborn.com to get started!