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The Myth of Consistency

three marketing messages giving the wrong idea

For as many people as there out there who sing the praises of consistency, there are twice as many trying to take it down and give it a bad rap.

Consistency is one of those things that gets a little misunderstood in the online space, and can get confused with its cousin (sister?) frequency.

This episode will help you rethink your relationship with consistency and why you might want to give it a second chance, plus some other misconceptions about marketing messages in the online space.

And of course, because I’d never leave you hanging, I’ll share how to take action and apply it for yourself!

We cover: 

  • How consistency is actually a really hard word to say and I should’ve picked something else for the title and topic of this episode 
  • What consistency is and isn’t
  • What frequency is and isn’t 
  • What frequency and consistency have to do with one another 
  • Three action steps to being more consistent
  • Why being the “best-kept” secret isn’t a good thing unless we’re talking about beaches and trails 
  • How visibility is a two-way street 
  • How I’m going to WIN at being the best wife, auntie, dogmom in the world 
  • And more! 

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