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No One Likes a Copycat

Why to avoid being a copycat and how to decrease your chances of being copied

It’s happened to me, to friends, to collaborators, and to my clients… 

And while “imitation” is supposedly the “sincerest form of flattery” (Oscar Wilde)…


In this Content with character episode, we get into a recent (minor) horror story of my own, talk about why it’s so important not to copy and paste, a few ideas on how to avoid being a copycat, and how to decrease the chances of being copied. 

We get into: 
  • What it feels like to be copy catted
  • Six reasons not to copycat
  • Four ideas to help you slow down and avoid copying someone 
  • Three ways to decrease your chances of being copied
  • Don’t steal “Somebody’s Law” 
  • …and more! 
Resources and Sources Cited: 

Karen Kenney’s Podcast Episode “Giving Credit Matters” 
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