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How to Pitch Like a Human

Three tips for podcast guesting and speaking

I often hear business owners who have the desire to get more visibility through podcast guesting and speaking. 

Podcasting guesting and speaking opportunities tend to not just happen magically or overnight and at first, it can feel overwhelming.

There’s a lot to consider, but it’s well worth seeing if it’s a good next step for YOU to increase your visibility.  

This episode will show you the benefits of podcast guesting and being a guest speaker and make this whole podcast pitching thing more actionable, and human.

You’ll walk away with some key things to remember when reaching out to potential collaborators. 

In the episode: 

  • How podcast guesting and speaking can help you as a business owner to increase your visibility and refine your message
  • How being on someone’s podcast or on their stage should NOT just be another appointment in your calendar 
  • Three DO’s when pitching to podcasters and for speaking opportunities
  • Don’ts you may want to avoid when pitching yourself 
  • And an encouragement not to give up even if you get a “no”! 

Resources Mentioned:

Mignon Fogarty’s Blog: Six Steps to Get Your Guest to Promote Your Podcast 

My Blog: How to Be a Guest on More Podcasts

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