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Why Repeating Yourself is OK

Repetition vs. Cohesion: Why I WANT You Repeating Yourself in Your Content 

“Oh, I already posted that.” 
“Ya, ya, ya, I already said that!” 
“People already know who I am and what I do…” 
“People know what I offer and how I work, I already said it.” 
“I just said it in last week’s email.” 
“I can’t offer that AGAIN, I don’t want to be annoying!” 
“How many times do I have to repeat myself!?”

Have you ever felt like YOU were repeating yourself? 

If you’ve ever said, or even thought any of those sentences (and yes, my hand is raised too), this episode is for you!

We’re going to get into the art of repeating yourself, why it’s important, and show you just how powerful it is when you consider it as COHESION instead. 

In this episode: 

  • 5 Reasons repetition is effective and important
  • 4 Reassurances if you find yourself repeating yourself 
  • How to think of repeating yourself as cohesion vs. repetition 
  • The power of repetition for YOU the creator
  • And more! 

You’re not annoying if you’re repeating yourself and I hope THIS episode encourages you to do it even more!


We can’t assume people know who we are or what we do. We can’t assume they’ve listened to all 52 of our podcast episodes or heard the very specific episode we did on this, that, or the other. 

I understand we may not want to talk about the same exact thing each and every week, but it’s ok to have topics that you cover again, cover in different ways, explain again, and reintroduce.

I want to help us reframe it from repetition or repeating ourselves to COHESION and creating a unified message. 

In my mind, COHESION is one of the pillars of good marketing. Cohesion is a brand that looks, feels, and sounds the same no matter where you’re interacting with it. 


  • Builds brand awareness 
  • Concretes your message
  • Shows your expertise 
  • And helps people identify something as YOU before you’ve even told them it’s you! 
5 Reasons repeating yourself can be effective: 
  1. Chances are high that people didn’t see it the first time. People are moving fast, don’t follow you in all the places, listen to all the things, read all your emails, read all your posts. People consume information in different ways and at different times and probably didn’t see it the first time (or the 8th for that matter!)
  2. There’s power in going deeper vs. wider on a topic. You can dive in from all angles, consider other approaches, and sometimes rethink and revise your thoughts on it. It allows going deeper on topics and speaking to people who might need you to say things in different ways. 
  3. Sometimes now isn’t the time, but tomorrow is. You know when you read something and it just doesn’t land? And then one day, you read the exact same thing, or hear the exact same thing and it BLOWS your mind? Sometimes we’re just not in the right place, space, time, or emotional state to receive what we’re taking in and when you hear it again later… even if you’ve heard that person say it on all 52 of their podcast episodes, this time it just sticks and becomes the turning point.
  4. Repetition helps you improve just about ANY skill or craft! The more you practice introducing yourself, saying what you do, sharing how you help, talking out your framework, writing out your process to your clients – the better YOU get.
  5. Repeating yourself helps you hone in on what you really think, feel and believe! 

Repetition brings an element of COHESION to your message and helps people clearly understand what you’re the solution for so they can tell ALL their friends and so you’re the first to pop into their mind when they need support!  

What do I mean by repetition?

When I say repetition, sometimes I mean actually repeating yourself verbatim, and sometimes this is Repurposing. 

Usually, repetition is about saying things in different ways, approaching the same things from different angles, and finding different stories around an idea or teaching point.

You’re not repeating yourself – you’re doing everyone a favor in clearly explaining things in various ways to meet different brains and personalities and emotions where they’re at. 

Reminders: you’re not annoying when you’re repeating yourself and your message. 
  • You’re a BUSINESS. Without buyers, customers, clients, you don’t have a business. It’s not annoying to repeat yourself and offer your products and services.
  • If you don’t repeat yourself, people sometimes think the offer is off the table, ie. the event is canceled. 
  • Again, most people didn’t even SEE all those repeats. They don’t follow you all the places, but they’re also passing by certain forms of content, and sometimes go on their platform for one thing and get distracted.
  • People need repetition for it to land (LOTS of repetition). 

Repetition isn’t simply saying the same thing over and over again, it’s not repeating yourself for the sake of repeating yourself… it’s saying things in different ways, from different angles, and on different platforms. Repetition is about bringing a level of cohesion to your business as a whole, it brings you and your potential customer clarity, and it helps you strengthen your message and highlight your expertise. 

Repetition is a powerful tool that has the power to create a cohesive brand and resonate with your audience, no matter where they pick up what you’re putting down. 
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