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The Tables Have Turned…

Emily Takes the Hot Seat!

In this week’s episode, I handed the hosting wheel over to my friend and colleague, Kim Dawson, a small business strategist and host of The Sassy Strategist Podcast. 

Kim and I get into the behind-the-scenes, dive a little more about my personal business story, why I do what I do, as well as what a “day in the life” looks like over here in EmilyVille. 

Kim is a kindred spirit and I always love the questions and fresh insights she brings, if you love her as much as I do, make sure to give her podcast The Sassy Strategist a listen when you’re done with this episode! My episode interviewing HER on her show is airing soon! 

Topics covered: 
  • Why I do what I do 
  • How my Content Copywriting business came to be
  • How She Built This came to be 
  • What I lack in confidence, I make up for in being resourceful and taking action 
  • What I love about podcasting
  • My secrets (not-so-secrets anymore) to productivity and time management 
  • and more! 
About Guest Host, Kim Dawson

Kim Dawson is a results-driven business strategist who believes the key to a successful business is deciding what you want and creating an action-oriented plan to make it happen. Kim helps small business owners optimize pricing and procedures, navigate niche markets, and grow their teams. Kim has helped her clients reach their revenue goals while doing more of what they love and gaining their free time back. 

Kim is the author of “Passion to Profits: Your Guide To Building a Successful Business You Love,” and is the host of the Sassy Strategist podcast, where she shares advice on how to build a business that brings higher profits, long-term success, and a fulfilling life. a business that brings higher profits, long-term success, and a fulfilling life.

Connect with Kim: 



The Sassy Strategist Podcast


About Me (your usual host), Emily Aborn

Emily Aborn is a Content Copywriter and Podcast Host of Content with Character and She Built This. Since 2014, she’s had experience running brick-and-mortar as well as online businesses. She’s worked with 96+ industries and loves helping others increase their visibility, connect with their clients, and bring their dreams to life. For fun, she enjoys word games, reading, listening to podcasts, and tromping about in the woods with her husband, Jason, and their dog, Clyde.





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