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Is Social Media Your Only Marketing?

Are all your eggs in the social media marketing basket? 

It seems everyone I talk to nowadays is getting sick of using social media to market their businesses.

Maybe you can relate?

Social media feels full to the brim of people begging for your attention, holding their palms out for your hard-earned dollars, and showing off how they made $10K in a month with XYZ system, and now you TOO can buy their template for just $10K…

And then, of course, there are the Reels about dogs and ducks becoming friends with cute music playing in the background and random coaches dancing to sell you life transformation.

How are we supposed to stand out and compete with puppy antics and Alexis Rose voiceovers!?

While I can’t solve all your social media woes, here are a few thoughts I’ve been sitting with as it relates to social media marketing and visibility in general. 

#1) There are many reasons your marketing might not be “working” that have nothing to do with social media. 

From personal fears and mindset around showing up, to messaging, to not being in the right places for our specific audience, to not giving something enough time.

I have about a dozen content-related and marketing golden rules, but here are three I remind myself and my clients when spiraling:

⭐️ Consistency > Frequency
⭐️ Make sure to engage and interact with others too!
⭐️ If you’ve given it time, and it’s not working, don’t be afraid to mix it up and try something new!

#2) Social media is your tool, not vice versa.

If you’re conscious and aware, you can choose how often you’re on it, what you do with it, and where you let it take you. Supposedly you can even choose who you see content from (though I keep getting served up stuff from people I’m most definitely NOT following, so let me know if you have a pro tip for stopping that madness).

It can be used for spreading lots and lots of good into the world. The She Built This community case-in-point.

#3) Social media is only a piece of the puzzle. 🧩
There are endless ways to market ourselves. If you’re relying solely on social media to generate all your leads and build relationships for you, you might want to rethink that 😬. ((Caveat: disregard this if you’re totally crushing it and social media is the end all be all in your business.))

Fun Fact: Most successful B2C Companies only focus 5-10% of their marketing efforts on social media. 

Fun Fact #2: Tesla spends ZERO dollars on marketing and focuses all of its efforts on building superior products and a brand to which people feel connected.

Things to try instead of getting annoyed at social media:

  • Focus on relationships and building quality connections with others.
  • Talk to ME if you’re struggling with content creation; I can also recommend people to help with the more social media-techy bits of it all too!
  • Put more of your time, attention, and energy into ways of marketing yourself that you DO love.
  • Then, go back to step ONE and get back to the task of forming relationships, collaborating, and building connections with those people.

Remember, marketing isn’t social media. Social media is just one piece of the marketing pie and there’s no magic formula or equation to making it work for you.

It takes time, consistency, effort, and YOU.

Social media, and all marketing, is about creating a human-to-human connection by…

Wait for it…

YOU talking to people like HUMANS!

Using templates and generic content might be one way to grow your following, but it’s not how to build a relationship and create a real impact in the lives of those you’re working with.

Ready for a marketing strategy that helps bring leads, land speaking gigs, and connect with your audience? Tired of trying to compete with puppies and dancing Reels on social media? Marketing is about a lot more than pleasing an algorithm!

It’s about building relationships and connections with those who are following you and listening to your content. 

Want more on this topic? 

You won’t want to miss this She Built This podcast episode with my guest, Alesia Galati of Galati Media. 

The principles and tips in this episode can be applied to those with existing podcasts, those looking at starting one, those doing interviews in another format, and just about any idea you’re looking to market!