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Creative Dry Spells


Have you ever taken a ride through the creative Sahara desert? 

Lost your spark for creativity? 

You’re sittin’ there, trying to come up with ideas, create stunning content, or even just write a single darn sentence, and the only thing coming out of you is the hair you’re tearing out? 

Call it writer’s block, crickets, the creative desert, or blinking cursor. It can be super frustrating, a leave you wondering if it will ever return.

How do you spark creativity and increase inspiration?  

This episode will help you spark creativity and UNBLOCK the creative block. 

This episode will give you some CREATIVE ideas on how to spark creativity and find inspiration and motivation!

In this episode, I share:

  • About my review contest (through August 1, 2023) on Apple Podcasts!  
  • What can zap us of our creativity (from weather to existential crisis)
  • How deadlines can help and hinder creativity 
  • 11 Ideas to spark creativity and find inspiration 
  • Tons of creativity-sparking resources for writer’s and creative souls 

Resources Mentioned:
The Marketing Momentum Lab – Fall 2023: MarketingMomentumLab.com
Rick Rubin’s Book: The Creative Act: A Way of Being
Anne Lammott’s Book Bird By Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life
Storytime Hypnosis with Karen Kenney LIVE Tuesday, July 11th 8pm (ET)
Storytime Hypnosis with Karen Kenney REPLAY AUDIOS
Erin Ollila’s Talk Copy to Me Podcast Episode “Nothing You Write Will Ever Be Good Enough

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