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Sparking Curiosity in Content Creation

Using Curiosity in Your Marketing

The curiosity gap is defined as the space between what someone wants or needs to know and what they know now. 

When we introduce sparks of curiosity marketing in our content, we create a gap that invites a sense of intrigue, interest, and a desire to lean in and know more. 

This episode and the many resources below will help you understand the unique power of sparking curiosity in your marketing, and give you actionable ways to bring in more curiosity throughout your business and life! 

Episode Highlights:
  • What is curiosity marketing and why it matters 
  • The four types of curiosity 
  • Tangible ways to bring curiosity into your marketing 
  • Three mistakes to avoid when sparking curiosity 
  • How to start cultivating your own curiosity more
  • And more! 
Curiosity Sparking Resources
Curiosity for Life and Business
Why is curiosity important for success? Where does curiosity come from? Is there such a thing as too much? 

In this episode of She Built This, my guest, Karen Kenney, and I get curious about curiosity and why curiosity is important for growth in life and business.

Key takeaways from the episode: 

  • How Karen Kenney got to where she is today by way of Route Curiosity 101
  • Why curiosity is important and what it can do in your life and business
  • The four types of curiosity
  • The value of curiosity in our relationships and building connection 
  • Why curiosity is the key to self-compassion and grace 
  • And more! 

In this podcast episode, we get into the five questions to ask yourself when creating content to create more curiosity and excitement for those consuming it. 

This episode will give you tips and ideas on how to spark more curiosity in the content you’re sharing! So we can better intrigue them to action, excite them to learn, and invite them to learn more! 

In this episode, Mignon shares her own story of entrepreneurship and how she started The Grammar Girl podcast, some grammar tips in response to what I often struggle to remember when writing (and maybe you have too), as well how to improve your writing through curiosity. 

We also discuss content creation and the practice of reviewing goals and direction regularly to ensure you’re on the right track, and so much more! 

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I’m Emily Aborn, Content Copywriter, Speaker, and Podcast Host of Content with Character and She Built This. Since 2014, I’ve had experience running brick-and-mortar as well as online businesses. I’ve worked with 100+ industries as a copywriter, and help my clients write original copy and content they can feel confident in. For fun, I love nerdy word games, reading, listening to podcasts, and hiking in the woods with my husband, Jason, and our dog, Clyde.

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