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Making the Most of a Summer Slowdown

When They Lean Out... LEAN IN!

Summer tends to be a high-energy, out-in-the-world, on-the-go season. We often feel spread thin, running in a million different directions, and racing to and fro.

[Insert overly busy cliche of choice here]

Summer slowdowns can occur in our businesses due to the natural seasonality of our work or be self-imposed.

The goal of this episode is to help you better focus the time you do spend working this Summer going deeper vs. wider and leaning in when most others are leaning out.

You’ll hear 5 things to focus on in your business during a summer slowdown or vacation season, plus a bonus that might just liven up your personal world too!

Does your business experience a summer slowdown? 

For a lot of small business owners, the summer slowdown starts the second that school bell rings for the last time…  

Whether B2C, B2B, or D2C, you may find that people just don’t have the same priorities during the summer months. 

Summer can mean: 

  • A decrease in incoming inquiries
  • Existing clients being slower and dragging their feet
  • A self-imposed summer slowdown to give YOURSELF some time off and with family 

The goal of this episode is to help you take advantage of and make the most of this season by focusing on impact while everyone’s on vacation. 

When everyone else is leaning out, LEAN IN.

Try to embrace the summer slowdown as an opportunity to reflect, reconnect, and deepen, and ENJOY a pace that supports you.

Let your business be the time you’re not spread thin as you focus on going deeper rather than wider this summer! 

  1. Be intentional with your time 
  2. Hone in and refine 
  3. Reconnect and build on relationships 
  4. Share what you haven’t yet dared to share 
  5. Think outside the trends and tactics 

BONUS: Experiment and PLAY in your personal world rather than creating something new in your business. 

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