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Taking Inventory

how to get an accurate picture of what's going on with your marketing, visibility, and content creation

My goal for my life is a successful, kind, simple existence that I feel proud of. One that isn’t complex or complicated or confusing.  From relationships to business, I’m looking for things I look forward to waking up to each and every day! For me, that’s the definition of success. 

The way to start achieving that, I believe, is to let go of all the things that are getting in the way. 

Yet, despite my best intentions, I complicate, confuse, and get stuck in situations that I know aren’t right for me. Mismatched situations, “yes’s” when I should’ve said “no”. 

I want this for you too when it comes to your marketing and visibility efforts. I want you to feel SO excited and good and passionate about what you’re doing and how you’re sharing it. So that marketing, visibility, and content creation go from loathsome to FUN!  Because you’re just sharing in a way that feels good and what you’re excited about. 

This episode is all about how to start working towards that as we take inventory of everything we have happening visibility-wise and go through it with a fine-tooth comb.

In this episode, I talk about Taking Inventory as it relates to your marketing as we dive into: 

  • How and why to set time aside to review your visibility and content 
  • How to think about your marketing efforts vs. your content creation 
  • How to take stock of everywhere you’re visible 
  • How to realistically (and honestly) evaluate what went well and why, and what didn’t! 
  • How to provide more resounding “yes’s” and clear “no’s” in the future 

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About the Host:

I’m Emily Aborn, I’m a Content Copywriter, host of Content with Character, as well as the She Built This podcast. I’m dog mom to Mr. Clyde and wife to my favorite person in the whole world, Jason. Our little family lives in the backwoods of New Hampshire where we spend time hiking and investigating fungi in the woods, reading, and sitting on the back porch (when it’s not snowing) doing crosswords, word games, and drinking coffee.  

Email: emily@emilyaborn.com
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