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Six Types of Procrastination

how do you procrastinate?

One of the ways to learn to drag your feet LESS is to become aware of what your procrastination style is in the first place. 

In this episode, we’re going to explore the different types of procrastination so we can start to break unhelpful patterns when it comes to procrastinating in our business. 

We talk about the root of procrastination, how it can impact our lives and business, and some practical ways to start overcoming it when we spot the pattern popping back up. 

I share traits, habits, and tips for each of the six procrastination types 

  • The Detailed Perfectionist
  • The Dream Chaser 
  • The Chronic Avoider
  • The Crisis-Maker
  • The Rebel with (or without) a Cause
  • The Busy Bee 

I would LOVE to hear from you and which one you think YOU are and how it relates to slowing you down or stopping you in your business, marketing, content, and life! 

And if you need help getting out of your own way around procrastination, I’d love to have a strategy session with you and hash out some things that would work for YOU to keep you going and on track and CONSISTENT.

About Me: 

I’m Emily Aborn, I’m a Content Copywriter, host of Content with Character, as well as the She Built This podcast. I’m dog mom to Mr. Clyde and wife to Jason, my favorite person in the whole world. Our little family hails from the backwoods of New Hampshire where we spend time hiking,  reading, and occasionally procrastinating 🙂 

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