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The Art of Repetition


“Am I repeating myself?” 

Clients ask me this question on a regular basis and sometimes I find myself asking it too! 

Because I get asked about it so often, I decided to record an entire podcast episode about it. 

Do you ever get tired of talking about the same thing over and over again in your business? 

Do you feel like you’re repeating yourself? 

In the month of April 2023, I repeated myself more than ever in my messaging as I approached the same topic from different angles. As I went through the process, it helped me understand deeply why consistency is important both for us the creators, and those receiving the work on the other side. 

For me, all that repeating ended up being my most prolific and loquacious month ever and the ideas just kept on coming! And bonus points: Consistency and repetition led to my next BIG idea! 

Why Consistency is Important 

Consistency is important in content marketing for several reasons. First, it helps you as the creator to stay streamlined and focused on the content you’re creating. It helps you show up regularly and stay on track with the content creation goals you have for yourself. 

It also helps members of our audience to clearly understand who we are, what we do, what we stand for, and digest our content in different ways that work for them. 

It helps to unpack large ideas and break them down into subtopics, manageable chunks. 

Consistency is also important because it can help you work on and define your brand, voice, and tone.

Consistency is how you make giant leaps happen by taking step after consistent step. 

Here are five lessons I learned in the month of April about repetition and will help highlight why consistency is important in the content we’re sharing in our businesses. 

Lesson One) It’s Not Annoying when You Consistently Repeat Your Message

Most people aren’t following you in all the places, and if they are, they’re often not seeing every single thing you post, every podcast episode you share, every email you write, and every blog you write. 

People also approach various social media platforms and content consumption in different ways. For example, someone may pass right on by that photo you posted on Instagram, simply because of how fast they scroll on Instagram, but they might listen intently to every word in your podcast. They might not engage on your Facebook page, but they might soak up every word of your email. 

We need to reach various members of our community in different ways, and sharing our message consistently across different platforms, and in different ways can help us to do that. 

Consistency is also important because people often need repetition and reminders to take action. 

I will use myself as an example, I tend to be a slow buyer, even when I know what I want. I see an event I want to attend and put an appointment in my calendar a week later to remind myself to purchase the tickets.

Sometimes people see your event and don’t have their credit card handy and going to find it seems like a hassle so they’ll sign up, “tomorrow” they tell themselves… 

Some people are interested but aren’t sure yet… 

The amount of times people need to be reminded about a thing is only increasing as we continuously get bombarded with MORE opportunities. So share your event, workshop, podcast episode, services, more than once! 

Don’t hesitate to remind, remind, and then remind some more! And remember, you’re a business and in business to make money – it’s ok to remind people that you offer products and services that cost money. 

Lesson Two) There’s SO much More to Share on Just About Everything!

There’s so much to share from angles you haven’t even considered yet on any given topic!

For info on how to make this work for you for any event, workshop, product, service, or otherwise, check out my recent blog: 

A Content Bank for Every Occasion

For the purposes of this blog, let’s use the example of an event. When sharing about your upcoming event, what if you didn’t just keep repeating the same bullet points every single post? 

What if you brought people into it as an experience every step of the way? 

  • Why did you decide to do the event? 
  • Who will be there? 
  • What it’s all about? 
  • What details do we need to know? 
  • Do you have sponsors, speakers, or collaborators who could be introduced? 
  • What makes the venue special? 
  • Are there quotes you can share that relate to the theme of the event? 
  • Are you giving out gifts or goodies you can share the behind the scenes of as you prepare? 
  • Can you offer helpful resources or tips about the day such as what to wear, what to bring, what to expect, and posts that answer FAQ? 
  • And of course posts with reminders to get tickets, countdowns, contests and giveaways

All that (I just gave you 9+ posts) from just ONE single event or workshop. 

It’s amazing how much you can come up with around ONE topic when you decide to go deeper on it, rather than wider. 

When I talked about Repurposing Content for a month straight, I ended up generating SO much content because I touched on it from all these angles: 

Repurposing Blogs

Repurposing Podcasts

Repurposing for Social Media

Social Media Content Bank 

Getting More Blog Traffic 

And so much more!

Lesson Three) Consistency is One of the Most Powerful Tools You Have. 

Please don’t confuse consistency with frequency. Consistency doesn’t have to mean every day, it doesn’t have to be every week. Those are examples of frequency. 

Consistency means showing up at the frequency you decide AND being cohesive and congruent in your message. 

Consistency is for YOU and for them. 

Consistency is important because it gets your butt in the seat, doing the work on a regular basis.
It also builds know, like, and trust. Ah, that sweet sweet know, like, and trust. 

It also helps keep you going even when you don’t particularly feel like doing something on a given day.
Choose a frequency that works for you and back it with some consistency and mwa – chef’s kiss. Before you know it, you’ll have put a whole lot more time put in and momentum than half the people on this planet. 

Lesson Four) You Can Drastically Improve Your Craft By Doing it Regularly 

Did you know that if you do something for 100 minutes a year (approx. 18 minutes a day), you’ll be better at doing it than 95% of the world’s population? 

Wanna’ be in the top 5%!? This is how. 

Doing something on a regular basis will help YOU the creator get better and better at what you’re creating.

Lesson Five) You learn A LOT About Yourself by Being Consistent 

You learn a lot about what you think, feel, and want to share by actually sharing and creating it!
Content creation is just as much for YOU as it is for others. 

As you create, you get information and internal feedback around what you’re creating. How you feel about it, what you believe about it, where you draw the line and where you want to expand. 

It teaches you a lot about yourself: what you love, what drives you, what lights you up, why you care, what gets under your skin. 

Sometimes I can’t figure out what I think until I write it. 

And sometimes I have to write it. Think about it. Write it. Think about it. Write it. Think about it. Write it some more. 

Consistent creation helps you refine your message and get clear on what you want to say and how. 

On that note, after months of generating content on a consistent basis, I started to understand within myself what mattered most! What I was really desiring in my heart, gut, mind, body, soul, all the places! 

From the act of being consistent in content creation, I set into motion an entire NEW project!

Drumroll please…

Content with Character is LIVE! You can find it on your favorite podcast app and dive in for yourself. Content with Character is all about marketing and visibility in a way that’s distinctly YOU and focusing on the ways that light you up.


When it comes to your message and the content you share in your business, it’s important to be consistent and yes, repetitive… to help your message be as cohesive and aligned as possible. It helps bring clarity to your message and makes sure your audience sees it no matter where and how they like to consume your content! 

To Recap: 

  • It’s not annoying when you consistently repeat your message
  • There’s SO much more to share on just about everything! 
  • Consistency is one of the most powerful tools you have 
  • You can drastically improve your craft by doing it regularly 
  • You learn A LOT about yourself by being consistent