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Why Curiosity is Important for Growth

Curiosity for Life and Business

Why is curiosity important for success? Where does curiosity come from? Is there such a thing as too much? 

In this episode of She Built This, my guest, Karen Kenney, and I get curious about curiosity and why curiosity is important for growth in life and business.

But first, the backstory.

We don’t make mistakes, we have happy accidents. – Bob Ross

This episode was brought to you courtesy of one of MY happy accidents. Despite my over-the-top organizational skills, I lost the recording Karen and I did the FIRST time around for the episode. So, we had to schedule a little do-over and in my unbiased opinion, this one is better than EVER and was exactly meant to be as it ended up.

If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re meant to listen to it, so make sure you download it on your favorite podcast or listen HERE: https://bit.ly/SBTWhyCuriosityisImportant

Karen’s a unique, engaging, and inspiring speaker and in my opinion, always brings a perspective that’s counter to all the shoulds, due to her own level of curiosity and looking at things in a different way. 

She identifies as a super curious person, I identify as curious person, and in this episode, we’re going to talk all about how curiosity can pave the way, lead the way, and inspire your next step.

Key takeaways from the episode: 

  • How Karen Kenney got to where she is today by way of Route Curiosity 101

  • Why curiosity is important and what it can do in your life and business

  • The four types of curiosity

  • The value of curiosity in our relationships and building connection 

  • What Karen’s learning as she engages in Simone Seol’s Garbage Post Challenge

  • Why curiosity is the key to self-compassion and grace 

  • And more! 

About Karen Kenney

Karen Kenney is known for her signature storytelling, sense of humor, and her no BS approach to Spirituality. She’s a sought-after speaker, podcast guest, spiritual teacher, and workshop presenter. An entrepreneur for 20+years, Karen brings a down-to-earth and practical approach to spiritual concepts -it’s like a combo of strategy and soul that can be powerfully applied in both people’s personal and professional lives. She’s a Certified Spiritual Mentor, multiple-time Certified Hypnotist, certified life coach, writer, speaker, and the host of The Karen Kenney Show Podcast, as well as the founder of the community: THE NEST.

Karen supports her clients, communities, and audiences to deepen their connection to themselves and the Divine in tangible, relatable, and accessible ways. She leads by example and shows that you can do deep, transformative, and healing work while still laughing and having fun!

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About the Host, Emily Aborn Content Writer, Podcaster, and Founder of She Built This 

Emily Aborn is a Content Writer for women entrepreneurs, Podcast Host of Content with Character, Podcast Host of the TOP Women Entrepreneur podcast She Built This, and Founder of She Built This, a community for women entrepreneurs and professionals. She’s been an entrepreneur since 2014 and has experience in running brick-and-mortar as well as online businesses. She’s worked with over 92 different industries and loves helping those with a big mission increase their visibility, connect with their clients, and bring their dreams and visions to life. For fun, Emily enjoys nerdy word games and puzzles, reading, listening to podcasts like they’re going outta’ style, and tromping about in the woods with her husband, Jason, and their dog, Clyde. 

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