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Why is My Blog Not Getting Traffic?


You put your heart and soul into crafting and writing great blogs and you get super excited for people to come pouring into your website, reading it voraciously, and then showering you with a confetti parade signifying your brilliance.

Then comes the moment of pride: You hit “publish” and sit back and wait for all the accolades on your hard work and rainbow sprinkles of, “That was amazing and so helpful!” 

But what if your blogs aren’t even being read? What if all that hard work is going to waste because there are zero eyeballs on them to glean all the insights you spent time creating? 

You may wonder what you’re doing wrong and ask yourself, “Why is my blog not getting traffic?” 

Don’t despair dear fellow entrepreneur, there are a few things you can do to help increase traffic to your blog and get more readers to engage with your writing. This blog will help you answer the question, “Why is my blog not getting traffic”?” and give you some simple solutions!

#1) Your Blog Might Not Be Getting Traffic if You’re Not Considering Your Readers

Often as business owners, we want to write about what we want to write about. Trust me, I’ve been there – hand raised alongside you! 🙋🏻‍♀️ While there’s nothing wrong with focusing on what lights you up, if you’re using your blog for business and lead generation, it’s important to consider who the reader is and what THEY want to read as well.

I’ve heard people brag about the blog they just wrote sharing their recent Chamber of Commerce nomination or the one in which they shared all of their educational background or a really random story that’s hard for their audience to relate back to what they offer and I internally cringe. While these things are fine blog topics to mix into your content plan, they’re not the best topics for getting more traffic to your blog.

When you’re writing your blog, you can ask yourself these two simple questions: 

  • Who is this for? 
  • Why do they care about this topic? 

Those two questions are your new filter for everything you write and share on your blog! The Chamber of Commerce nomination could be a great thing to share on social media, in the About section of your home page, or in an email, but it likely will not be a hot ticket to increasing traffic to your blog. 

You must have your audience and their needs and wants in mind if you want to use your blog as a lead-generation or educational resource in your business and ensure the right people find it. You may also check in to see if you’re writing to the right people.

As a very obvious example: I’m a content copywriter, and I wouldn’t necessarily want to write a blog that’s for moms looking to slow-cook more delicious meals on busy weekdays just because my ideal client so happens to be primarily women.  I focus my blog content on the women I specifically help to decrease their energy expenditure, avoid headaches, and save themselves time with their content creation.

Make sure you’re creating with the right person in mind and speak directly TO them. Remember, you’re writing for many but only one person is reading it at a time. 

Next time you ask yourself, “Why is my blog not getting traffic?” consider who it’s for and why they care about the topic you’re sharing. 

#2) Your Blog Might Not Be Getting Traffic if Your Blogs are Boring

Sorry, someone had to say it! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Are your blogs boring? I’m not talking specifically about dry content here, though that could be a part of it too, it’s time we get honest with ourselves and ask, “Would I want to read this!?”

Here are some easy ways to make your blogs more interesting and engaging: 

  • Earth to us: We are humans. We need to remember to speak like humans, not robots. This ain’t your high school grammar teacher’s playground anymore, YOU make the rules now and you get to have fun with language that sounds as quirky as you are!  The easiest way to do this is to not overthink it, just be conversational, write how you speak, and let your voice shine through in your writing. The more YOU, the better.
  • Tell stories! Use examples from your personal life, professional life, and client stories – sprinkle in stories where they fit. Just remember to keep stories on track so they fit with the content you’re sharing. I’m a big fan of using stories and can turn a story into just about anything into useful content, so if you get stuck in this area, let’s chat!
  • Add in some of your own opinions, thoughts, and unique perspectives. Don’t be afraid to get all edgy and unpopular opiniony on us!
  • Avoid too much industry jargon. Let’s pretend you’re a massage therapist who’s been doing this for yearrrsssssss. Chances are high that you know the ins and outs of your industry like nobody’s business (literally). But using phrases like “myofascial release” or “active release technique” can make the rest of us who aren’t familiar with the massage glossary of terms go 🤔. Keep it simple whenever possible and avoid the shop talk unless your ideal audience knows the lingo as you do.  

#3) Your Blog Might Not Be Getting Traffic if You’re Not Repurposing Your Blogs 

If you’re not already doing this with your blogs, this will change your life AND get more readers to read what you’ve written. If you are already doing this with your blogs, here’s a confetti parade from my heart to yours.

I’m a big fan of well-done repurposing, so much of a fan in fact, I’ve written many many many a blog on it, and I’m not stopping anytime soon. You can find my favorite ones here: 

Repurposing Blogs for Increased Visibility 

Some questions to get started with right away are: 

  • Are you turning your blog into multiple, individual social media posts? 
  • Are you sharing your blog to your email list (maybe even with a little teaser blurb!) 
  • Are you sharing your blog multiple times on social media and reminding people to “click here” to read more? 
  • Are you providing your blog content in more ways than one so people who aren’t blog readers can still access all its goodness? 

Reminders for those who need to hear it: You’re not annoying when you ask people to read your blog. When you write from a lens of being helpful to those who want what you offer, you can take the “self-promotional ick” out of it and focus on the fact that actually, your sharing is caring.

#4) Your Blog Might Not Be Getting Traffic if You’re Not Using the Right Titles and Keywords

One of the best ways to improve traffic to your blog from people who haven’t even discovered your world and all you offer yet is to focus on using the words that drive traffic organically. This includes implementing SEO best practices for keywords, titles, images, meta descriptions, and more. 

Your SEO strategy is a huge part of driving traffic to your blog and getting eyeballs on it, even while you’re tucked away in your cozy beddy by dreaming about unicorns and cruise ships (just me?). 

Here’s one of my most popular blogs that people continuously read while I sleep:
How to Create a Social Media Content Bank 

Thanks to successful strategy and keywords, (which I’m educating myself on all the time), people click on this blog all the time all because they found me through the Google gods.

SEO is an art and a science and I love helping people like you navigate the ever-complicated world of developing a strategy around the blogs you share. I help you get clear on who you’re speaking to, what they want to hear, and how to say it in a way that drives more traffic to your blog and website. I don’t want you scratching your head anymore wondering, “Why Is My Blog Not Getting Traffic?” – I want you writing to me sharing, “Emily, my blog just landed me a new client lead!” 


There are many reasons that readers might not be as riveted by your blogs as you’d like. It’s important to get clear on where the problem really lies, so you can pivot accordingly and start getting on the right track!