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content copywriter for creative women entrepreneurs

Let's bring your message to life!

I help creative women entrepreneurs find their voice and stand out

Are you ready to attract more of the clients you LOVE working with? I help you distill your message in a way that shows who you are, clearly shares what you offer, and creates a connection with your ideal clients. I find out what makes you YOU and bring that one-of-a-kind message to life through original, fresh content and copy that’s as trustworthy, intelligent, buttoned-up, organized, playful, fun… or as spunky as you are! 

It’s frustrating when you can’t quite figure out what to say, isn’t it?

Allow me. I'll craft the words that bring your message to life.

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, strategist, interior designer, or creative entrepreneur, I know it can feel like a struggle to explain clearly what you do and how you help your clients. You want content that attracts the right clients, repels the wrong ones, and creates impact in your website copy, blogs, social media, and marketing. Your brain does loop-de-loops, you fill page after page with sentences you just end up crossing out and never sharing with the world. Your message can’t change lives if it’s hiding out in a notebook. 

I want to make this a whole lot easier (and more fun) for you!

Emily Aborn, Copywriter for Creative Women Entrepreneurs working in a Park

How I help bring your message to life

As a copywriter for creative women entrepreneurs, I provide custom content bundles for one-to-one writing clients, run The Marketing Momentum Lab and other small groups and workshops to elevate your marketing and visibility efforts, and I have a few fun content tune-ups so you can dip your toes in and start gaining traction with your content right away!

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Meet Your (dangerously) organized, innovative, fun, and creative content copywriter!

Hiiiiii! I'm Emily Aborn and I'm SO happy you're here!

If you’re passionate, motivated, and up for a bit of fun, we’ll get along swimmingly! I help free up your time, save you from spinning your wheels, and find ease in creating impactful messaging and compelling content. 

Are you ready to do the “clear copy happy dance” (trust me, it’s a thing) and attract more of the right clients?

From the heart and brain of a creative copywriter: resources and tips!

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