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discover ease with a distinct roadmap for creating connection in your messaging.

Brand Messaging Guide for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, figuring out what to say and how to say it in a way when communicating to your ideal clients is no walk in the park… 

Where does one even begin!? 

I take time to learn about you and hear your story. I deeply listen to who you are, who you work with, and what you offer. Together, we’ll uncover the problems you solve and the gifts you bring to the world.

Then, you can safely leave the rest to me! 😉

I roll up my sleeves and get down to business creating your one-of-a-kind brand messaging guide.

As unique as you are, a Brand Messaging Guide is your solid foundation for clearly and easily communicating with your ideal clients and customers, in every area of your business!

Ready to Know EXACTLY What to Say and How to Say it? ​

I’m more than ready for ya’! 💃🏻

I can’t wait to meet you and get to work crafting a brand messaging guide just for YOU. Your personalized roadmap for cohesive messaging, increasing your visibility, and a mirror showing you what makes you the one-in-eight-billion you are! 

Clarity | Consistency | Congruency | Connection  

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To create your brand messaging guide, I closely listen to:

  • Who you are in your heart of hearts 
  • The big mission and vision that’s burning inside you
  • The impact you want to make in your client’s lives
  • Who you LOVE working with most

I pay attention to your voice, tone, personality, quirks, and strengths. Then, I weave it together and give you an easy-to-follow brand messaging roadmap. You’ll reclaim all the time and energy you spent wondering what to say, and have a guidebook for your business’ brand messaging, so you can show up authentically and distinctly YOU. 

Ready for your own, unique Brand Messaging Blueprint?

My brand messaging guides show you a reflection of you and your business, and how to share that with the clients you serve. You’ll understand how to express yourself to the world with a recipe book for your own personal secret sauce! 


What it Includes
$ 1,500
  • 2-Hour Kickoff Call
  • Brand questionnaire
  • Your vision, values, mission, and more
  • Ideal client psychographics
  • Examples of verbiage, taglines, and content
  • Content pillars to implement right away
  • A tangible Brand Blueprint in hand
  • And more!

A Brand Messaging Guide is the Foundation for Bringing Your Message to Life.

A solid foundation for your business, your brand messaging guide sets the tone throughout your business. It shows you the essence of your brand’s personality, your vision, values, who you work with, and how. This is more than just a witty one-liner or catchy slogan…

It’s a blueprint for communicating throughout your business. It’s a clear path forward for creating connection with your ideal clients and sharing your message with the world! 

I’d love nothing more than to create your brand messaging blueprint!

Here's what you're gonna' get:

✅ A deep dive into your vision, values, and mission so you can tangibly share the impact you’re making. 

✅ An organized plan and ample ideas for your marketing (so you can stop wondering what on earth to post!) 

✅ All the reasons YOUR business is the right choice for your ideal clients in clear, everyday lingo that sounds like you

✅ Your brand voice, tone, and personality reflected back to you clear as day 

Unforgettably You Event

My Brand Messaging Guide Process

01 get-to-know you call  

Read: NOT your average kickoff call. This is a deep dive into your brand/business, and ask anyone who knows me – it’s a ton of FUN! I ask lots of questions and listen as you tell me all about you and your business. 

02 You take a nap, I get to work

I research SEO keywords, pertinent competitors, and your ideal clients. I learn as much as possible about what makes you YOU and who you love working with. 

03 brand messaging blueprint delivery day

Cue the confetti, and sound the trumpets! On delivery day, you’ll get your brand messaging blueprint delivered to your inbox with a video walking you through. You’ll feel seen, heard understood, and relieved!

04 print, laminate (or frame), and enjoy! 

Your brand messaging guide will propel you forward as you share content online, connect and collaborate with others, and express the essence of who you are to the world.