Emily Aborn Content Copywriting and Consulting Services
Emily Aborn, a content copywriter for creative women entrepreneurs typing on her laptop and smiling

I know enough to be dangerous but between you and me...

I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to designing a website (clearly)

Which is why I stick to being a copywriter for websites, and leave the design to you!

As a website designer, you know that beautiful design and impactful copywriting go together like Netflix and PJ’s…

With the right writer by your side, working to complement your brilliant design, we can bring your client’s voice and brand to life even more! 

I bring your client’s unique personality into the copy for their website!

I create connection with their audience with copywriting for their website that shows off the brilliance of their products and services. I operate on your timeline, as the website designer, and in a way that works seamlessly with the user experience you’re creating for their future clients.

"As a web designer, I've partnered with Emily on a number of occasions and she is truly amazing. She had an incredible ability to really hone in on my client's voices with their website copy in a way that brings their brand voice to life online and also drives conversions. She's organized and delivers content to me on time, every time. Highly recommend."

as a copywriter for website designers, I believe

A Great Website is Both an Art and a Science

I work in collaboration with you as the website copywriter by your side, to ensure your client’s brand is cohesive and flows with just the right recipe of efficiency and flow. For the perfect pairing that potentially only peanut butter and Fluff can outshine (and even then…we might still be better). Together, we’ll elevate your client’s website to the next level and bring their brand and voice to life! #DreamTeam

from some of the website designers I collaborate with

As a Copywriter for Website Designers

Add value to your clients with a website copywriter who works with your design process.

SEO website copywriting

I work help your clients get better results with SEO website copywriting. More site visits to see your beautiful work, and more conversions for your clients!

I save you time!

When you work with me, you’ll spend less time gathering info from your clients, planning, reminding, and reminding again when materials are due. Projects are completed on deadline.

I spare you the back and forth

I’m kind of a whiz when it comes to organizing content and website copy. I save you the back-and-forth by taking all the deliverables and organizing them to provide you with one location to access everything when it’s web-building time! 

Bonuses for your clients

I also offer add-ons that many other copywriters for websites don’t; I can provide content banks, welcome packets, blogs, lead magnets, bios, and more. I offer a special subcontractor rate so you increase your project revenue too 😉

I can hear your website clients from here: "Pick her" "Pick her!" In case you're not convinced yet...

Hi! I'm Emily, a copywriter for website designers!

  • I’ve worked with over 100 industries to write copy and content for websites, social media, blogs, and more.
  • My gift is capturing your client’s voice and unique essence! It will sound like them whether they’re a lil’ spunky and snappy, or sophisticated, and polished.
  • I’m creative as well as reliable and structured. 
  • I’m communicative, committed to excellence, and always looking to help others grow and succeed! 
  • And just for fun (because where would we be in life without fun): My favorite games are word games: crosswords, Scattergories, Scrabble, Wordle, hand over the word nerd game and I’m good… but, I’m sure you saw that one coming.
A photo of Emily Aborn, a Copywriter for creative female entrepreneurs in a blue dress smiling

Let's bring your client's voice and brand to life, shall we?