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Creating Connection through Content in 2024

2024 Content Predictions for Creating Connection

Want to create more connection with your content and marketing in the New Year? 

Here are my five predictions for what we can expect in content in 2024 and how to create in a way that fosters connection, trust, and build loyalty. 

Prediction #1) 2024 is the time to repurpose and reuse content

Long-form content alive and well! The key in 2024 to creating connection with long form content is to repurpose it, diversify it, and make something new.

Use omni-channel marketing to spruce up your content, repackage it, and share it on different platforms in different ways. People want to interact with and engage with your content in various ways, and they don’t want to be forced into listening to your podcast, reading your blog, or subscribing to your emails. Show up where they are and increase the opportunities for connection by repurposing! 

Bonus for you as the creator is that repurposing saves you lots of time because you can focus on creating connection in just one piece of content. 

Long-form content is great for comprehensive learning, storytelling, and increasing traffic to your website – how can you repurpose it into short form content too? 


Prediction #2) You Will Create More Connection by Being Consistent 

Before you come for me, I’m not talking about being consistent in ALL the places, I’m talking about consistently engaging and creating connections and deeper engagement with your community. I’m talking about regularly posting, sharing, creating, in whatever “regular” means for you. Essentially, you foster connection when you show up when you say you will and do what you say you’re going to do. Consistency will set you apart and help you stand out. 


Prediction #3) It’s about the PEOPLE, people!

More than ever we want true connection, to be seen, heard, understood, and related to. Don’t worry if your audience, community, followers, email list isn’t massive – focus on going deeper, creating connection, and being more specialized in how you speak to them. Share like you’re writing to just one person. What do you want to say to the person on the other side of the screen? Let’s not forget and lose sight of who we’re doing this for and why. It’s about the people! 

Prediction #4) Storytelling is still king!

Storytelling is a way of showing people YOU, what matters to you, the heartbeat of the person running the business.  Storytelling is STILL king and helps to create connection with your people. Your stories, why you do what you do, your perspectives and opinions, and insights are going to be even more important in 2024 for creating connection. Make this the year you decide to tell your stories and see where it takes you! 

Prediction #5)  CLARITY will be of utmost importance

People are moving FAST. Very very fast, have you noticed?

More than ever, we have to be clear in our offerings, what we do, who we work with, and how we do it. In creating more connection in 2024, clarity is going to be of utmost importance.

A Few More Reminders for Creating Connection in 2024 (and beyond) 
  1. Customer experience is more important than ever! Don’t put all your weight in content and marketing and fail in the follow through/delivery. You also need to be focused on and offering great customer experience. 

  2. Use AI as a tool in your process, not to create your final product. Many generative AI tools can give you ideas, but need you to take it home and humanize it. Content standards are high, be intentional, be human.

  3.  Email is going strong as a tool for creating connection and marketing yourself. 
  4. SEO keywords are becoming more important on platforms besides just your website: podcasting, YouTube, and even social media. Help them find you with SEO best practices and research! 
Need an extra set of eyeballs on your content? 

I’d love to sit down and chat with you about the strategies you have in place for creating connection through your content. I offer strategy session with actionable takeaways and email support for just that. Learn more and book yours here!