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Enneagram & Business: Content Creation Made Easier!

My obsession with personality began four score and seven years ago when I discovered a book on my parent’s bookshelf called “The Personality Tree”. 

Before you run out to go read it, allow me to break it down for you. #CliffNotes

Essentially, it was a guide to “who you are” by putting you into one of these four personality types: 

Melancholy 😞

Sanguine 😊

Choleric 🏃🏻‍♀️

Phlegmatic 🧘🏼‍♀️

Now, mind you, I read the entire book -several times, in fact, and still didn’t feel that I fit into one of these narrow categories! Shocker, I know… with so many to choose from and all.

I then moved on to polling my friends and family. Surely they would see my personality and tell me who I am. 

Most said I was “Sanguine”. While that checked out when I showed up for others in the world, it wasn’t the full picture. I experienced a lot of characteristics in the other “four” types. 

From there, my quest to find a personality and learn more about society and humans as a whole began! I loved seeing the uniqueness of different people and how it expressed itself, along with what our many differences were… where it all tied together in similarities. 

In college, my favorite classes were Psychology, Anthropology, and Sociology. As I continued learning, I became interested in Kolbe, Meyers Briggs, Human Design, all those tests they give you before assigning you a role in a company, and essentially any personality or self-assessment test I could get my hands on. It doesn’t stop there, I love all things blood type, Whole Brain Living, and basically, anything that blends personal growth with showing up our BEST in life.

It took me a while to discover the Enneagram, and even longer to see how the Enneagram and business go hand-in-hand. 

I first learned about the Enneagram in 2010 but I didn’t pay much mind until I met Christina Granahan through the She Built This group. Christina is a friend and Enneagram Coach, and has been a guest on the She Built This podcast. It was from Christina I learned you can’t just take an online test and call it a day, you have to read about it, get impeccably honest with yourself, and start to learn about all the types (and many nuances* therein) more deeply to determine what you are. 

Curiosity piqued and skepticism mostly abated, I started reading. One book, two books, three books, four books. Then I read them all again. I don’t really see a stopping point because there’s just SO much to learn! 

From there came the podcast bingeing. Here are some I’ve enjoyed:

I don’t have a logical explanation as to why I’m so obsessed except that I want to crack the code. I love all the personal, relational, and business growth paths the Enneagram offers.

A picture of Christina Granahan, Enneagram & Business Coach

I love learning about the people in my life. What makes them tick, what makes me tick, and then what makes us tick together, or tick tock, or tock tock. You get the idea.

The Enneagram shows you your blind spots, helps identify patterns and areas you get stuck and in trouble, and also gives you a path forward into growth. 

If you realize after reading this blog that you’re like me and love the Enneagram and what it can do for your life and business, here are three She Built This episodes to enjoy when you’re done with this blog. 

Just click the images to tune into these Enneagram & Business episodes feature Milton Stewart, host of the Do it for The Gram Podcast and Founder of Kaizen Careers Coaching and Consulting LLC and Christina Granahan, who I introduced you to above!

And now, onto Content Creation by Enneagram Type! 

Disclaimer: these are generalizations based on the brief amount of research I’ve done. I’m by no means an Enneagram & Business expert, nor a certified practitioner of any kind. I am however a certified Dog Mom so if you need advice on giving the very best snuggles for your canine. Big thanks to Christina Granahan for reading this over and double-checking my hunches.

⚪️ Type One: 

Try as we may, our content, the strategy around it, and those emails we send out on a weekly basis will never be perfect. While you’re an incredible refiner and editor, there will always be typos from time to time. Pictures won’t line up the way we want them to, things will be out of our control. Can you allow yourself to let go of perfection when you’re creating and get into the flow of creativity and connection? Tap into your emotions when creating content and speak from your heart. Understand there are many viewpoints and ways of operating and don’t feel like you “should” be doing this any certain way! Figure out and determine a system that works for YOU and be the light and goodness you want more of in the world! There will always be more to improve. Recognize when done is better than perfect and hit “publish”! 

🔴 Type Two: 

You can get so caught up in serving your clients and helping others that you can forget about yourself or put your own content creation to the side! Set aside time (yes, put it in your calendar) focused solely on YOU and creating your own content strategy and pieces. Focus on engagement with others and creating connections by commenting and interacting with their content. That goes a long way! Try not to come from a place of giving to receive and instead just giving out of a full cup and seeing where it goes! People love your helpful tips, tools, and resources, and your generosity in sharing your time, enthusiasm, energy, and brainpower! And remember, when you need breaks and time-outs, you get to take them! 

🟡 Type Three: 

Share your personal experience and knowledge, but keep the attention on others -those who you want to do business with and attract. Tap into your feelings and stories, and don’t be afraid to show them from time to time. People want to work with you just because you’re YOU, not because of what you know or have accomplished. Remember that it’s a marathon not a sprint and don’t burn yourself out by pushing, pushing, pushing, and then crashing. Instead, what if you set aside time to batch-create your content or work on it at designated times each day? You can always store great ideas somewhere for future use if you’re getting tons of inspiration at once! And remember, repurposing is your friend!!! It will make your life so much easier and I assure you, it’s not lazy! It helps spread your message further, faster, and make even more of an impact (without you needing to do more). 

🟪 Type Four: 

Wrangle all that creative energy and turn it into something beautiful that can help others thrive! People LOVE your uniqueness, fresh perspectives, and artistic style. Remember that when feelings of comparison or envy crop up, you’re on your own path and exactly where you need to be! A structure can often be your path through this. If you commit to showing up consistently and setting aside time to create, you can often work through any self-sabotaging thoughts by simply showing up every day to do the work. Remember, there are no bad creators or bad creations and we all have off days. Bring the beauty you see in life and in others forth in your content and we will all be better for it! 

🟤 Type Five: 

I know it feels like you do, but you don’t need to research every single thing for hours on end prior to taking action. There will always be more to learn AND you’re not an imposter by sharing what you DO know NOW! You know your stuff and you’re here to share your knowledge, insights, and information with those around you. Try to avoid diving into too many details in your content so as not to overwhelm people, and remember that sometimes the best way to see if something works is simply to set it in motion and gather your information and data from there. 

🟢 Type Six: 

Raise your hand if you’re an over-thinker! When it comes to content creation, overthinking can lead to analysis paralysis and self-doubt. You might also feel a little fearful or anxious putting yourself out there or your true opinions and perspectives. My biggest tip for Type Six is to channel what you do best: reliability, consistency, and dedication! Commit to showing up and following through on your word, and your content plan is already 99% more effective than so many others! Try not to second guess yourself (I know it’s hard!). Serve your clients and audience with all that fabulous inner wisdom and don’t be too afraid to take a few risks now and then! 

⭕️ Type Seven: 

In Type Seven (self-identified) entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, the challenge tends to be structure, organization, and focus. They have so many ideas and are an ever-flowing stream of big plans and dreams! The struggle can be following through and sticking with something when the going gets hard. Do you love a vast array of topics? Who says we can’t share a vast array of topics? Certainly not me! You keep content fun, light, enjoyable, and keep us all on our toes and we love you for it! We welcome your positivity, out-of-the-box thinking, and endless ideas! When it comes to your content, don’t overcommit, and outsource anything mundane or joy-sucking that you can! Outlines can be your friend for staying on track and if you can, bring in someone that can help you create a structure and organizational system that works for YOU. Focus on transformation and positive outcomes vs. pain points with your marketing toward ideal clients and then… let the good times roll! 

🔵 Type Eight: 

Can I tell you a little secret? Content creation IS worth your time and energy. It’s a key piece of building that like, know, and trust with others. Want to know another secret? People want to get to know YOU more! It’s ok to be a tiny bit open and vulnerable and put yourself out there through stories and sharing. You’re likely a natural-born leader and may have a hard time not feeling like you’re in control of your content -whether that be the strategy behind it or how it will land. Remember, you can only choose how you show up, not those around you and how they will react to it. It might be helpful to pull in someone to offer a fresh perspective and an “audit” of sorts so you can identify gaps and places you might have overlooked! Remember that slow is fast and fast is slow. Taking time to create intentionally and thoughtfully can be the fast path to more clients and business growth. 

🟠 Type Nine: 

Content creation can feel hard for Nines and if it does, they will often look for the escape hatch. You might even talk yourself out of it altogether and procrastinate or avoid it til’ the cows come home. Another struggle for Nines can be finding their own unique voice. Your best resource here is going to be self-awareness and understanding what’s really going on inside your own heart and mind. You don’t have to agree with everyone and everything or see eye-to-eye with what others in your industry are saying. Don’t be afraid to let your opinions and true perspectives out from time to time and share how you really feel! Break your projects up into chunks and make it less overwhelming for yourself. If you can, set your environment up in the way you work best and carve out some alone time, if needed.  When you sit down to create, tap into that place inside you that’s connected to all beings everywhere and speak from there. That’s where your magic lies and will give people the peaceful, harmonizing, and reassuring message they need. And most importantly, take action!

Need someone to help you troubleshoot in one of these content struggle areas? I’m your girl! As I’ve already confessed, I have a deep love for all things personality, Enneagram & Business, and love helping you uncover your unique strengths while overcoming your challenges.

*If my math serves me right, there are nine main types, each with a potential for two wings, plus three subtypes for a total of 81 personality variations! Not to mention the various levels of healthy growth within each and every single one! Then you lump in your own unique DNA and upbringing and unlike SO MANY other frameworks, there’s no need to worry about being “boxed” in with the Enneagram – it’s a path FORWARD, not a human labeling system or a place to keep you on autopilot.