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Love Languages: Examples to Inspire Marketing Content


When I was a kid, my parents had a bookshelf full of personality, parenting, and relationship books. As a slightly odd child who was unquenchingly curious about the world and people around me, I loved digging into these books and figuring out pieces of my own personality, as well as others. 

One of the books that caught my fancy was The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman. It described each of the five love languages with examples and helped guide you in discovering yours as well as looking at others in your life to determine theirs too – with the goal of better speaking one another’s love language. 

In this blog, I’m going to talk about how the love languages can inspire some of your marketing efforts and content. I’ll provide you with examples of each of the love languages and show you how to tap into the wisdom of each to create and connect with others. 

What are the Five Love Languages? 

In a nutshell, the five love languages describe five ways that people receive and express love in a relationship. 

The five love languages, as defined by Gary Chapman, are: 

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Quality Time 
  3. Physical Touch 
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Gifts 

Sharing content is also about expressing and receiving love – as it all boils down to communication! So, now for the fun part… we’re going to walk through examples of each love language and weave it into your marketing and visibility! 

If you prefer listening to reading, make sure you download my Content with Character episode “What’s Your Marketing Love Language?” which aired on January 9th, 2024 on your favorite podcast player HERE. 

#1) Words of Affirmation 

If your primary love language is words of affirmation, you might appreciate verbal and written forms of encouragement, compliments, and appreciation. This could be anything from “I love you” to something a little more specific about what they admire in you. In content, you might give it or receive it with positive affirmations, for example: “You got this! I believe in you! You can do it! You’re beautiful”. If you tend to give love in this way, as a content creator, and in your marketing it’s emphasizing the power of words and positivity in what you share AND you’re going to really like it on the receiving end when people tell you you’re doing a great job or they loved something you created, or cheer you on. 

Examples to incorporate the Words of Affirmation Love Language into your Marketing: 
  • Positive, affirming language – telling people what you love about them and why you think they’re great as podcast guests, collaborators, clients, connections, etc. 
  • Writing thank you cards to clients, collaborators, connections, etc. 
  • Engaging and interacting, mirroring and validating people in your content and marketing
#2) Quality Time

Quality time is exactly what it sounds like. But don’t be fooled, it’s more than just hanging out or being in the same space as someone, it’s truly engaging with them and giving them your presence and attention. Uninterrupted time with someone, showing them they’re important, and that they matter to you. You may love a long deep conversation or working on a project closely with someone. In your content and marketing, this might look like showing up and being responsive, engaging with others, and also hosting Zoom calls, showing up to things, having guests on your podcast, having 1:1 calls with people, and being with people in the same space. On the receiving end, it might be really important to you when people are really listening, fully present, showing up to things, and engaged. 

Examples to incorporate the Quality Time Love Language into your Marketing:
  • Showing up present when you sit down to create something or step foot into a networking event/collaboration setting 
  • Making sure you carve out enough time on either end of conversations, client calls, meetings, etc. 
  • Not taking time or wasting people’s time. Some practical ways of doing that are being relevant, speaking their language, avoiding complex jargon and confusing languages. Stick to the point and get to the point quickly, remind people that you value and appreciate their time. 
Acts of Service

Cue the ol’ “actions speak louder than words” adage. On the receiving end, it might be your favorite thing when someone goes out of their way to make your life easier – doing chores, bringing you something when you’re sick, making your coffee for you in the morning, picking up that item you forgot at the grocery store on your way home, or helping you fold the laundry. On the giving side, maybe you’re the one who likes cleaning and tidying, bringing the kids to school, making lunches, or bringing in a load of firewood to keep the house toasty and warm for the morning. Doing things or having things done -acts of service- makes you feel seen, understood, and appreciated. As a content creator – this might show up in solving problems or helping your audience address their needs. In the rest of business, it might look like helping to set up for an event, or physically pushing the pencil and doing the thing for your clients that they need help with. 

Examples to incorporate the Acts of Service Love Language into your Marketing
  • If you’re a service provider, this looks like taking something off someone’s plate like booking their own travel, writing their website copy, doing something for them to help. 
  • Focusing on how things BENEFIT the other person in your content and marketing  
  • Physically helping people in your network when they need a hand 
Physical Touch

People with physical touch as a love language feel most loved when… they’re getting little touches of affection: hugging, holding hands, cuddling, kissing. Outside of an intimate relationship, this might be as simple as a hug, high five, or touching someone’s arm in a conversation. It depends on all party’s comfort levels and your relationship, but for many, touch is a powerful emotional connector and very affirming and warm. As a content creator, it might surprise you but you can do this too! You can use words that make people feel these little touches by using descriptive language and warm, fuzzy lingo that makes them feel like engaging with your content is like being snuggled up in a warm blanket. 

Examples to incorporate the Physical Touch Love Language into your Marketing
  • Bring the physical senses into your copy and marketing to create the feeling of being hugged, nurtured and deeply cared for. Use sensory language that elicits emotion and feeling. 
  • When you’re out networking and when appropriate, you can use physical touch to touch someone’s arm or give them a proper handshake. Do not, and I repeat, do NOT invade their personal space without permission.
  • When you’re on camera with people/Zoom, let them see your hands as you speak. This can create a sense of more physical warmth and thereby subconsciously invoke feelings similar to being in one’s presence 

Giving gifts can be a visual symbol of showing love. These aren’t just gifts for gift’s sake but meaningful, thoughtful gifts meaning you reflected on it, deliberately chose it, and maybe it’s even symbolic in some way. People who like receiving gifts feel seen in things that are physical and intentional. People who like giving gifts relish and delight in picking out that perfect something that makes you feel seen and that you matter. In your content and marketing, this might look like offering resources, freebies, and incentives. 

Examples to incorporate the Gifts Love Language into your Marketing
  • Client gifting, connection gifting, thoughtful gifting, collaborator gifting, event gifting, gifts galore!
  • Freebies, and giveaways
  • Remembering and highlighting the gift you’re giving in helping others with what you do. 
Can you speak to all different love language types? 

I think you can! I think we can infuse these examples and elements of these five love languages in various ways throughout our marketing. In my opinion, the best love language is the one that speaks to their hearts because it helps you connect with them more. 

Put these examples of the five love languages to use and give them a whirl! 

I’d love to know your love language and of course, if you implement any of these examples for yourself!