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Repurpose Podcast Content Like Never Before


After my recent conversation with Amanda McKinney on the She Built This podcast, I set out to repurpose podcast content from our episode, and in doing so, I realized I had the keys to the repurposing castle and I needed to share them with YOU! 

As host of the She Built This podcast, I get a lot of podcast pitches… and between you and me, many of the people who pitch to be on my show haven’t taken two seconds to figure out what She Built This is about, who my audience is and what my process is for being pitched, and the list of transgressions goes on. If you want to learn how to be a better podcast guest, stick with me – because I’ll be ranting, er, educating more about it soon. 

Amanda McKinney reached out to me inquiring about being a guest and she DID check all the boxes: 

  • Listened to an episode and personalized the pitch accordingly
  • Wrote a podcast review
  • Used my submission form 
  • Gave me five concise topics to talk about

My guests are all booked up for quite some time, so I wrote her back and said I’d circle back when the content well runs dry. Amanda wrote back and just said something along the lines of, “Great, I’ll be here – ready when you are and we’ll do an episode swap!” 

Once I found out Amanda had a podcast, The Unapologetic Entrepreneur, I went and listened to some of her episodes and… I was hooked! I loved her voice, her brand, and her overall vibe. So I reached back out to HER and said, “Let’s fast-track this! Come be my guest, we’ll find a way to get you into the content plan!” 

And like that, this story and this blog was born. 

Amanda and I did a podcast swap, I had her on She Built This and she had me on Unapologetic Entrepreneur. I loved our conversations so much, I asked her back for another collaboration. 

“You never know where a conversation will take you and how it will change your life.” — ME (EMILY ABORN)

I sat down to put the show notes together for Amanda’s podcast episode and I discovered a fire and energy to repurpose content like never before. 

And now, I’m sharing all my insights into the process with YOU, so you can repurpose podcast content in a more powerful way for yourself too! 

What is Content Repurposing? 

Content Repurposing is taking content from its original form and turning it into something new form of content. Repurposed content helps your message spread further, faster, and wider, as it allows you to share it in multiple ways that reach more people. 

This blog will show you how to easily repurpose podcast content into social media content, blog posts, video, and even monetize it by turning it into something entirely new! 

Three Ways to Repurpose Podcast Content Into Social Media Content 

1) Repurpose podcast content before it even airs
As you prep and get ideas for the podcast episode, or schedule with your guest, or read a book before you cover the material you’re sharing on, you can start to engage with your audience and ask them questions about what THEY think about the topic. You can answer one of the questions from your perspective as a social media post before you even record!

2) Tell a story about the episode

Perhaps you have a story as to why you decided to cover the topic, a story you weren’t able to put into the episode, how you met the guest, or a story from your personal experience that ties back to the purpose of the episode. Repurpose your podcast content by turning this story into a piece of social media content. 

3) Break down the episode 

After the episode is recorded, break down the episode into shorter form tips, insights, quotes, and takeaways. I often share a quick educational win from the episode, a quote from the episode, and listen for any parts of the conversation I have a perspective to share in addition to what my guest shared. Even the show notes can be turned into social media posts as most show notes are a bulleted list of what you covered in the episode itself. Depending on the quality of your podcast, you might be able to repurpose podcast content in ten or more separate social media posts!  

How to Repurpose Podcast Content into Blog Posts 

Podcast content is primo for repurposing into blog posts! I tend to do this more with my solo episodes on the She Built This podcast but here are two examples of podcasts I turned into blogs from guest episodes: 

Social Media Images: Best Practices for Better Photos

Entrepreneurship & Loneliness 

To repurpose your podcast content into a blog, I recommend starting with the outline you used to record your show, or getting a transcript of your episode and parsing it out for cohesive points and a structure. 

With guests, I tend to look for steps, tips, reminders, formulas, and frameworks that they offer in the episode that I can easily turn into a blog. 

How to Repurpose Podcast Content into Video 

A lot of podcasters record episodes and interviews with video on. If this is you, ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom, you have some podcast content you can simply edit down and repurpose into video. Seek out the quips, tips, and short zingers, or consider posting your entire podcast in video form on YouTube or streaming it into a Facebook group you run! 

If this isn’t you, and it will never be you, or if you were simply a guest on a show and don’t have access to the video, don’t despair! Here are two more ideas to repurpose podcast content into video: 

  • Use your outline and record yourself as you pull out some value in the episode and repeat the information in video form 
  • Reflect back on the episode in a video, or share your own perspectives and takeaways as the podcaster. 

I don’t love video and this paragraph might have even ME talking myself into repurposing my podcast content into video. 

How to Repurpose Podcast Content (even as a guest!)

I had a fantastic conversation with Jasmin Haley of the Legacy Speaker Podcast (you can find it HERE) all about how to repurpose content as a speaker. This applies to podcasting guesting too and here are two easy ways to consider trying it if you guest on podcasts: 

  • Remember that every question the host asks you, you can repurpose into content. A social media post, a video, a podcast of your own, an email, or a blog post. For example, one question I often get asked is, “How can we repurpose our podcast content more easily?” and as you can see, this blog is the answer to that! I’ve also addressed it on my podcast and in individual social media posts. If the host is asking their audience, chances are high that your audience wants to know too!
  • You can ask for the transcript and pull out the takeaways, tips, and ahas, you can turn it into a blog, tell a story, or keep the conversation going on your own social media asking others to share their perspectives and viewpoints. 

When it comes to repurposing your podcast content, the possibilities are endless! The only limit is your imagination when it comes to how you want to spread your message, further, faster, wider! 

Podcasts are just a fancy way of saying “conversation” and “communication”, and you can imagine the SPARKS that can fly. You can even end up with a new idea, offering, or a completely new direction in your business from a podcast alone!

Which leads me to… 

How to Repurpose Podcast Content into Something Entirely NEW! 

After my podcast conversation with Amanda … I sent her a Voxer message telling her how excited I was with all the ways I’d repurposed our episode! One idea sparked another and another and before I knew it, I found myself deciding to host an in-depth Content Repurposing workshop where I broke down content LIVE-time and showed attendees how to repurpose podcast content, social media content, blog posts, and MORE!

My idea generation with Amanda didn’t stop there! I’ve got some stuff up my sleeve that I’m really excited about sharing with you as a resource for your own content creation and propelling YOUR message further, faster, wider! 

Ready to get help with your content creation and content repurposing? Let’s chat!