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Your Stories Matter

Bringing Storytelling into Your Business

I’m a personal believer that there are LOTS of stories you can tell in your business and there are tons of stories inside you waiting to be told. 

In my book, not much is off the table, which I find very freeing when it comes to bringing storytelling in my business!

Your stories matter. And they’re everywhere, unfolding in nearly every moment. We simply have to open our ears and eyes to seeing them so we can share them. 

This blog will help you understand why your stories matter and guide you in four to get started with sharing in your business: 

  • The Origin/Purpose Story 
  • Behind-the-Scenes and Out in the Wild Stories
  • Customer Stories
  • And Brand Evolution stories
Why Do Stories Matter? 
  1. They’re relatable and connect us to one another
  2. They help us make meaning, sense, draw correlations and create connections
  3. They help us learn, illustrate, translate, and learn concepts and idea
  4. They’re HUMAN (read: AI can’t tell yours) and they set you apart
  5. They’re memorable! Your brain has an easier time remembering stories vs. just straight facts

“Our brains are so attuned to narrative that we will connect the dots into a story even if the dots aren’t connected. This is called narrative bias. When we’re given a snippet of incomplete information, the pattern-processing networks within our skulls fill in the gaps. Rukmini Bhaya Nair demonstrates this effect with a traditional Bengali story, told in six words: A tiger. A hunter. A tiger. Our minds turn six words into a plot. We can picture the scene, the narrative arc, the dramatic tension. The exact images we conjure up from those six words will differ from person to person, but the basic plot will be remarkably similar. Few assume the hunter ran away, or that a second tiger arrived on scene, but each is an equally plausible interpretation.”

Our brains use narrative (story) to make meaning, even with limited amounts of information.

Stories drive us to act, they help us connect, learn, apply, grow, and make meaning of the world around us. 

Our brains LOVE stories. People see themselves in our stories, and we can use stories in our businesses to creatively share who we are, how we help, why we do it, and what we do. 

I love this quote by Kindra Hall from book Stories that Stick: “Storytelling is not just a nice addition to your marketing strategy; it is the heart, soul, and the very essence of it.” 

Where do we find the stories that matter to share in our businesses? Which ones specifically should we focus on to get started with?

So glad you asked! Let’s get into the four stories! 

The Purpose/Origin Story
  • Story of how you started
  • Why you got started
  • How you knew now was the time 

This is a great way to communicate the why behind what you do, your passion, your values, and your vision. 

Where do you start with sharing your origin / purpose story? 

You don’t need to have had some life-changing experience that propelled you to start your business to have a great origin story. And it doesn’t need to be super long. There are most likely many stories within this story. 

Examples of what you could share and how: 

  1. The reason you started, perhaps this has been inside you all along
  2. What threads/breadcrumbs have led you to do what you do now?
  3. What inspired you to start your business? Maybe you saw a need, problem, or a lack to fill
  4. A challenge or setback you faced and how you overcame it
  5. The impact you want to make, your vision and aspirations. What change do you want to bring into the world? 

The origin and purpose story is a powerful way to create deep connection with your people, show that you’re a real person, highlight your values, sets your brand apart from all the noise, and show why you CARE. 

Behind the Scenes and Out in the Wild Stories

These are my personal favorite and most natural for me to share.

This is, as you may have guessed stories of your day-to-day, behind-the-scenes, and out-in-the-wild as you live your life. 

These stories show off your personality and humanness. They help to create connection and can show lessons and learnings from your everyday life. 

Where to find them? 

  1. The grocery store -from how they organize your bags at checkout to someone you bumped into!
  2. On a dog walk
  3. Commuting to work
  4. Cooking a meal – memories, ingredients, something that went well, something that went wrong 
  5. Behind the scenes: note-taking, organization, your office, books your reading for your business, what you’re listening to, etc.
  6. Exercising, gardening, book club – there are stories everywhere! 

What little gems can you find by sifting through your everyday life?  

Client and Customer Stories 

Our clients and customers provide us with fresh stories all the time!! 

Share these stories to highlight what you do, your process, what sets you apart, what clients say and feel about working with you, who makes a good client for you, and just sort of lessons learned along the way as a business owner and someone who works with others. 

Examples of customer stories to share: 

  1. Misunderstandings about what you do
  2. Questions clients ask you 
  3. How you went the extra mile for someone
  4. A client who made a great fit
  5. A client who didn’t make a great fit 

Important note: You may need to ask permission in some cases.  You may need to obscure details, change a few things. You shouldn’t tell every client story 😉 use your discretion. 

Think of a client where something happened outside of the norm, either good or bad. What went well or wrong? What did they say or do? How did you handle the situation or bring positive attention to it? What’s the takeaway? 

Brand Evolution Stories

Brand Evolution stories (aka learning opportunities and growth) include stories of how you’ve changed, grown, and learned as a business owner. 

These stories matter and show your values, passion, dedication, perseverance, inspiration, commitment to learning and improving, how you work with your clients, and maybe a little peek into where you’re headed!

  1. What did you used to do that you no longer do?
  2. What did you used to believe and no longer believe?
  3. What have you never stopped believing?
  4. How has your business model changed and why?
  5. What have you learned about yourself along this journey?
  6. What words of wisdom would current you give to past you? 
Chances are those words are relevant for your future clients too! 

Storytelling is a blend of art and science. I want to empower you to have as much fun and creativity as possible. Your stories matter. They help educate, inspire, guide, lead, share truths, and help people work with you! Need help finding the stories to share in YOUR business? 

Connect with me and let’s have a chat! I can help you with anything from done-for-you copywriting to Strategy Sessions. I can’t wait to meet you and hear YOUR stories! 

Story, as it turns out, was crucial to our evolution -- more so than opposable thumbs. Opposable thumbs let us hang on; story told us what to hang on to.”