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Repurposing Blog Content, Emails, and More!

Repurpose, Recycle, and Transform Already Written Content into Something NEW!

Why Repurpose in the First Place? 

Repurposing blog content, emails, and social media posts saves you time and energy. In addition, it allows you to reach people in different ways, no matter how they’re consuming your content. Repurposing spreads your message further and wider.

In this blog, and on the corresponding Content with Character podcast episode, we’ll be focusing specifically on repurposing: 

  • Blog Content 
  • Emails 
  • And social media posts 

If you’re looking for even MORE repurposing ideas after you’re done reading the blog, make sure to check out the links at the bottom for all sorts of additional resources. 

Ready to repurpose some blogs, emails, and social posts?! Me too! Let’s do this! 
A woman writing on a piece of paper that says Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as an example of Repurposing Content
What is Content Repurposing?

Repurposing content is the art and science of taking something you’ve already created and changing, adapting, tweaking, revising, and reworking it to be used in another way.

It may look like repurposing blog content and turning it into an email, or repurposing a podcast and turning it into a blog, or it may look like breaking down a longer form piece of content into smaller social media posts. 

Why Should I Bother Repurposing My Content?

Great question! The answer isn’t just that some random person named Emily on the internet told you to… it’s that it can help you work smarter, not harder when it comes to your content creation. It’s a strategic, intentional approach. Here’s why I LOVE and practice content repurposing on the regular: 

  1. It saves time and having to reinvent the wheel. Create one thing and… voila! You’ve created many things!
  2. It helps reach people in various ways. Not everyone reads your blog, listens to your podcast, checks social media and emails. Repurposing offers different ways to interact with your business. It spreads your message further, faster, and wider, all with you doing LESS.
  3. It helps you build a body of cohesive, interlinked, interconnected content.
  4. It brings a level of cohesion to your content. When you repurpose, you naturally. become more FOCUSED. You can go deeper into things vs. wider on all the things and set yourself apart as the expert you are. 

It maximizes the value of your original content and also prolongs its lifespan! Repurposing blog content helps prolong its life for a week, month, and beyond! 

Ideas for Repurposing Email Content 
  • Read your emails aloud to your readers! In each of my weekly emails, I include a read-to-you option. I started doing this because one of my close friends wanted to read my email butttttttt she couldn’t follow because she has dyslexia. So, to make it more accessible and offer another option, I read all my weekly emails. If you’re better at verbalizing vs. writing, you could start by videoing or voice recording yourself and then use your transcript to help you turn it into a written email.
  • Share your entire email on social media. You could share the direct link to read your email. (Most email providers include a direct link to the last email you sent. Example of a recent one I sent my list HERE. You can also share the entire email as a blog. Another way you could do this is to cut and paste your entire email as a social post (depending on the length of it) or as a LinkedIn article.
  • Break down your email into smaller chunks and reshare it on social media throughout the week. (Sidebar: This is where a lot of people tap into my expertise and hire me for a Strategy Session so we can work this through together because it can get tricky!) Breaking down your email into smaller chunks may look like: 
    1. Taking a tips-based email and repurposing it into multiple social posts. 
    2. Breaking down each section of a newsletter into one single post.
    3. Or something else entirely that you come up with creatively! 
Repurposing Blog Content 

A blog isn’t as easy as “set it and forget it”. Sadly, not much digital marketing IS. Which is why repurposing is so important and beneficial. Want to know my secret for getting people to actually read my blogs? Sharing about them in other places! Here are some ideas to get you started repurposing blog content: 

  • Share the intro/lead in of a blog as a short social media post to spark curiosity and guide them to read more.
  • Repurpose your blog into a shortened version and post as a LinkedIn article.
  • Repurpose your blog content by breaking it down into individual social media posts. Every one of my blogging bundles includes social media posts to go with them, including one that leads people BACK to the blog.
  • Repurpose your blog into a podcast episode, or think even BIGGER and repurpose it into a workshop! I’ve done this hundreds of times: Blog → podcast, blog → presentation, blog → entire workshop! And of course, reverse-engineered it back again! 
Wrapping up… let’s touch on a few ideas for repurposing social media posts. 
  • Take similarly themed posts and group them together to turn them into a blog, podcast episode, or email. 

Example: Let’s say you’re a travel agent and social media is your strong suit. You’ve just spent a couple weeks giving your followers individual travel tips for Disney vacations… you can take those ten tips and put them all in one place – a blog, email, podcast episode, etc. Short form content can become long form and vicey versa. 

The opportunities and ideas are truly endless once you begin repurposing blog content, emails, and social! 

Now all that’s left for you to do is to get started!