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Repurposing Video and Audio Content

You may have heard of Repurposing Content as simply a great way to save time in content creation...

Many think of repurposing as simply a great time-saver. They’re drawn to the fact that in creating ONE piece of content, they’ve created MORE. It saves time, and spinning your wheels trying to think of something new. 

Saving time is a huge benefit in repurposing. 

AND it also has another benefit as well. Especially when it comes to repurposing video, audio, workshops, courses, and similar content.

Here’s the reality: Not everyone wants to (or is able to) consume things in audio, video, workshop, course, or webinar form. 

Just because me and YOU love podcasts, doesn’t mean everyone enjoys podcasts! Just because YOU can watch endless hours of YouTube and TikTok video content… everyone is.

But that’s simply not the case. 

Some people don’t like video content, audio content, courses, workshops, webinars, etc. and some people don’t have the ability to enjoy content in this way. 

Repurposing is also for those you’re impacting. 

By making your content more accessible and enjoyable for a wider variety of learners, repurposing allows you to expand your reach and increase your impact.  

Changing MORE lives!? Sign me up! 

This blog will show you how to get started for yourself repurposing video, audio, workshops, courses, webinars, and even client calls and colleague conversations!
Repurposing Audio Content

With audio, it’s important to remember that it’s just not everyone’s jam. Some people don’t listen to podcasts, enjoy audiobooks, and can’t track/listen that audio course you put your heart and soul into creating. 

Examples of audio content you might create:  

  • Podcast episodes (either solo or interview) 
  • Audiobooks
  • Audio courses
How to get started repurposing audio: 

Repurposing your audio content helps make it more accessible and enjoyable. It brings your content to folks that may not, or may not be able to enjoy it in an audio format. 

Repurposing Audio Idea #1)

Turn your audio content into a blog, transcript, or article. This may look like a LinkedIn article, blog, or a cleaned-up transcript that makes the conversation accessible to readers vs. listeners. 

As an example, this blog is a repurposed podcast episode on repurposing video and audio content. 

Repurposing Audio Idea #2) Break it down into mini pieces of content! This might look like pulling it into standalone social media posts, teasing out direct quotes, takeaways, lessons, and visuals. Sharing backstories and stories within the audio. When I’m a guest on a podcast, I often take the questions the host asked me and repurpose those exact questions into content of my own! 

Repurposing Audio Idea #3) Turn your audio content into a workshop, a freebie/optin. Pitch the topic to be on another podcast or a speaking engagement.

Bonus idea for repurposing audio: Share it as a video to YouTube for more reach. 

More on repurposing audio? Specifically how to turn any podcast episode into 11+ pieces of individual content? Check out my friend Alesia Galati’s Podcast Productivity Power Up Course HERE 

Repurposing Video Content

Like audio… video’s just everyone’s cuppa’ tea. 

Video content might be:

  • A Facebook or Instagram LIVE 
  • A YouTube video
  • That video on your website where you share about your business 
  • A recording from a workshop you did
  • A video you sent to a client walking them through how to do something 
  • That Reel you made when you were feeling ambitious 

I’ve built entire Content Banks for clients, jam-packed full of blogs, social posts, and emails all with videos they already had living on Facebook, YouTube, and in their memberships and courses. 

I’ve even written an entire BOOK for someone using repurposing video content they had creataed in a Facebook Group. 

How to get started repurposing video:

Repurposing Video Idea #1) 

Turn it into something that’s written and detailed. This could be anything from a PDF, to a worksheet/downloadable, an Ebook or regular book! 

Repurposing Video Idea #2) 

Turn it into a podcast episode! Get the audio file (mp3) and off you go! 

Repurposing Video Idea #3) Turn it into something written for more immediate use: Email, social, blog, article, mini pieces, and more! 

Bonus Repurposing Tips: Webinars, Panels, Workshops, Conversations, Colleague Chats, Client Calls, and More!

In every course, workshop, webinar, and panel event… there’s usually a world of content waiting to be repurposed from video/audio to something else! 

  1. What are the takeaways and tangible action items? Tease them out and turn them into something new! 
  2. What’s a story either before, during, or after that you can share?
  3. What lesson did you learn in the process?
  4. What questions were you asked by hosts or guests? Answer them for your people! 
  5. Turn all that great content you just shared into a podcast, blog, or course of its own!  

On client calls and in conversations with colleagues (don’t disclose names unless otherwise specified/permission given)…

Listen for: 

  • Questions your clients/colleagues ask you
  • Examples of challenges they’re facing and how you can help overcome them (or did overcome them) 
  • Reasons they came to you for help (pain points)
  • Confusion you cleared up and brought clarity to, either around what you do or something else! 
Repurposing video and audio content is just the beginning!

I get pretty passionate about the topic, which is why I have blogs to share with you specific to what you’re repurposing and podcast episodes for YOU to sink in and enjoy if audio IS your thing! 

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Got more questions? Feel free to reach out and connect! I welcome your questions and LOVE hearing from you: emily@emilyaborn.com