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How to Repurpose Content for Social Media


Make your life easier with these fresh ideas for content repurposing!

A lot of business owners tell me how much time they spend re-inventing the wheel and trying to come up with fresh content for social media posts. 

These same entrepreneurs don’t realize that the weekly podcast their producing, the monthly blog they’re writing, those workshops and webinars they’re hosting, and the Facebook Live they just did last week are a goldmine of content for their social media posts and offer endless fuel to the fire of social media content creation ideas. An endless river of social media content is on the other side of you discovering how to repurpose content for social media in an easy, repeatable way that doesn’t leave you running around in circles trying to constantly come up with creative ideas. 

This simple guide to repurposing will show you how to repurpose three of my favorite types of content to repurpose:

  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Videos.

Even if you read something like this before, you’ll be inspired by some ideas for repurposing you haven’t seen yet! 

Real quick, let’s define what repurposing is. If this is a brand new concept for you, prepare for your life to get a whole lot easier by the time you’re done reading this blog! 

Repurposing Content: Content Repurposing, or as some like to call it “Content Recycling” is the art and science of rinsing, reusing, and recycling in order to expand your reach, double the bang for your marketing buck (not to mention your time and energy) and transform something old into something new. 

In easier terms: If I have a blog, I can turn it into all kinds of other pieces of content so the wealth of information in the blog spreads and I can get five pieces of content out of one! 

Are you with me so far? 

Why is it so important to repurpose content?

Three main reasons to repurpose your content: 

  1. It makes your life a helluva’ easier and saves you a ton of time because you can use what you’ve already created or are already sharing.
  2. It spreads the message of your content further and wider. The fact is: even if they’re your most loyal fan, chances are high that they’re not seeing every social media post, reading every blog, listening to every word of every podcast episode, and reading your emails. I know it feels uncomfortable, but believe me when I say it’s rather hard to repeat the same message too many times. Furthermore, what about new members of your audience?! They might not have seen it in the first place. And remember that people consume content in different ways and not everyone wants audio, video, blogs, etc.
  3. Last, but most certainly not least, repurposing brings an elevation to your content. It will bring in a sense of cohesion that people might not even be able to put their finger on, but it will set you apart as different. Your message will be consistent and you will feel more focused on what you’re sharing, and how. 

If I’ve convinced you and you’re on board with the whole repurposing, recycling and reusing concept, read on because now I’m going to show you how to actually do it with your podcasts, blogs, and videos. I’ll also give you some out-of-the-box content repurposing ideas so hold on tight, and let’s go! 

Repurposing Podcast Content

Even if you don’t host a podcast, don’t skip this part! If you’re a guest on a podcast, you can use some of the tips in this section too. 

Each and every podcast episode holds a wealth of content and when done well, repurposing can have you recording one single episode a week, and then sitting back, relaxing, and basking in the wads of content you just created. 

Before your podcast even airs, you can start repurposing content from it! Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s my exact process!

Episode Prep 

As I’m getting together my notes for a solocast, or pulling together curiosities and questions for a guest, sometimes a concept will jump out at me, I can use this as a social media post! Here are four simple examples of how this could look: 

  • Share an insight I’m learning in my research/compiling phase
  • Share a story that I’m reminded of and how this content relates (I might even do a cliffhanger ending that they can hear the rest of if they listen ;)) 
  • Share a quote I came across in a reading or from my guest
  • Ask a question from the audience about this area to get their thoughts on it before I even get started with the interview/solo episode 

If you’re a guest on a podcast, often times there will be some sort of prep process where either the host has sent you questions, or simply asked you about what you want to share on. You can use all of the above examples as you prep to be a guest on a podcast as well. 

Time to Hit Record 

When I’m chatting with a guest (or I’m the guest), if anything pops up for me during the interview that I know I want to share later, I will jot it down – without distracting myself – on a piece of paper in front of me. It might look something like what we shared above in prepping for the episode. I might also just take a photo of myself recording the episode and tag the person I’m speaking with to tease the upcoming episode. 

If anything, in particular, does jump out at me and I don’t trust my memory, I’ll go back through after recording (while it’s fresh in my mind) or add it to my show notes “notes”. 

Once the Podcast is Out Into the World

For hosts, a podcast can be an entire strategy in and of itself. You can turn the podcast into a Facebook Live, a Reel, sound clips, and video. 

In the nature of making this even easier, here’s what I actually do on a weekly basis with many of my podcast episodes. This is all repurposed from just one episode alone: 

☀️ Monday: Story about how you met the guest, or backstory about why you created this episode, share a teaser about hearing the outcome soon! Sometimes the backstory is enough to be a post in and of itself.
☀️ Tuesday: Tip or quick win educational piece from episode – stay tuned for release tomorrow! 

☀️ Wednesday: Share the episode itself with what’s contained and clear CTA to listen and how

☀️ Thursday: How the episode relates to the current theme or what you do for work with CTA that guides to service/product

☀️ Friday: Quote from episode

☀️ Saturday: Ways to help support the podcast, without even listening!

  • Share with a friend 
  • Share the episode to your Instagram or FB stories
  • Write a review (if you’ve listened to at least one) 
  • Like my post and leave a comment

☀️ Sunday: Day of rest 🙂 you deserve it 

Don’t worry podcast guests, I’m not leaving you out of this! Every single question you get asked on a podcast can be repurposed into a social post (at least), and many of them can be repurposed into an entire blog, an email, a video, or a LIVE. You can snag many of the ideas above to repurpose the content in the episode as well, even if you’re not the one hosting the show! And if I may, a pro tip is that your podcast host will be ever-so-grateful if you’re a good collaborator in this way and share your heart about the episode you were on! 

Other Ideas: 

  • Any events or promotional items you share in the podcast 
  • Jokes and humor in the podcast that you can say again 
  • Asking the audience one of the questions YOU asked in the episode and seeing how they’d answer

How to Repurpose Your Next Blog to Make Your Life Easier 

Before I share with you how to repurpose blog content, let’s get one common misconception outta’ the way.  

People often ask me, isn’t blogging dead? My thorough answer can be found here and the short answer is no, blogging is not dead. It’s still relevant, alive, and well! And 70% of internet users are still reading them! 

I love blogs because they can help you with your SEO, you don’t need to know much to launch one, and with clear calls to action, you can draw new leads to work with you or enter your world. 

But, the real magic of a blog is that it can be broken down and used for tons of other bits of content including a podcast episode, video, social media posts, emails, and the list goes on…

Blog Prep 

Similar to your podcast, sometimes it takes a little while to work on a blog, research, plan, write, edit, etc. So you can start sharing the goodness in it before you even hit “Publish” on the actual blog itself. 

Let’s use this blog as an example, I might tease the blog by asking my audience what content repurposing they already have in place. Or what their biggest hangup is when it comes to content creation? How many of my readers/listeners have blogs, videos, or podcasts? 

This will help me start creating the COHESION around the content I’ll be sharing on the blog when it comes out. 

After It Publishes on Your Blog

This is the fun part. You can turn a blog into SO many other pieces of content. Here are just some of the things it can be: 

  • An entire podcast episode
  • A video or LIVE where you share all the concepts in the blog or a series where you break down each part into its own short video 
  • Individual social posts including each part of the blog as one single post
  • Individual social posts leading people to read the blog, with multiple formats for the lead in
  • An email 
  • A workshop or webinar 

What else can you think of? 

Just like I did with the podcast, here’s an example of how this could break down: 

☀️ Post One: A shortened version of a story contained in the blog with a quick takeaway

☀️ Post Two: Tip or quick win educational piece from the blog.  

☀️ Post Three: A post featuring an intro blurb and leading them to the blog

☀️ Video: Dive deeper or go over the highlights!

☀️ Social Graphic: Quote from blog

☀️ Email: A useful piece of the blog with a call to action helping them to go read the entire thing if they want more! 

☀️ Podcast Episode: Share the content from the blog in a higher level way, or go even deeper on a specific piece of it! 

Bonus Repurposing: Repurposing Your Video Content 

Video content might be a Facebook or Instagram LIVE you did solo or with a friend. It might be something you posted on YouTube, or a video talking about your business that lives on your website. It might also be a recording from a workshop you did, a video you sent to a client walking them through how to do something or a Reel you did when you were feeling ambitious. 

I’ve built entire Content Banks for clients, jam-packed full of blogs, social posts, and emails all with videos they already had living on Facebook, YouTube, and in their memberships and courses. 

In fact, I’ve even written an entire BOOK for someone using all content they had living in videos in a Facebook Group. 

The possibilities, as I hope this blog showed you, are endless. 

Remember, repurposing helps save you time, energy, and headache, and it elevates all of your messaging with consistency and cohesion. 

It’s a win-win-win! 

Repurposing Tools and Resources (affiliate-link-free): 

  • Otter.ai to transcribe audio and video to written content
  • Google Docs for easy linking, cutting, pasting, moving
  • Creating and Repurposing Content with Strategic Brand Messaging –a podcast I did with fellow copywriter, Erin Ollila. We talked about how to repurpose content found in your Brand Messaging guide and turn it into all sorts of delightfully reusable goodies! Click HERE to listen!

Shoot me a message and let me know how you plan to implement some of these tips and start repurposing more of your content today!