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Back in 2018, a friend and I hosted a large local networking event for women entrepreneurs here in New Hampshire. We didn’t know much at the time about marketing a big event like this, but decided to just go for it! 

We created an event on Facebook, invited all of our local friends, and posted something about the event every single day before and after it! 

We didn’t just post the same old promotional post over and over again, we mixed it up with video, quotes, text, attendee excitement, highlighting our sponsors, what was in the goody bags, and so much more! Posting around this specific event on a regular basis helped exponentially increase awareness of the event, kept people get engaged and excited before the big day, and let us connect with the attendees before we were even in the room together! 

It was a huge success and my first experience (of many) with creating a content bank for a single event, podcast, workshop, or marketing campaign. 

This blog will walk you through how to create email content banks, video content banks, social media content banks, and blog content banks for something you’re promoting in your business. 

To learn about How to Create a Social Media Content Bank for all areas of your business – make sure to check out my blog on that after you’re done with this one (don’t worry, I’ll remind you of the link at the end too ;)!

What is a Content Bank?

A content bank is a collection of built-out, already-written content that’s ready to rock and roll. When you’re creating a content bank for a marketing initiative in your business, all you have to do is lay it out and schedule it out in a cadence that makes sense with what you’re promoting. 

A content bank can consist of blogs, emails, podcasts, video, or social media posts. It’s a cohesive, streamlined way to promote just about anything in your business.

How to create a content bank for your event or workshop

There are so many things to share when it comes to an in-person event. The who, what, when, where, why, and all the many details that participants can look forward to. 

Video Content Bank for an Event or Workshop 
  • A video walkthrough of the venue
  • A short video of each of the speakers and hosts introducing themselves 
  • Videos from sponsors 
  • Videos of the process: as you prep and organize, stuff goody bags, pick up cupcakes, etc. 
  • Video telling participants what they can expect to walk away from 
  • Videos telling about who it’s for, what the purpose is, what participants can expect the day of, and capturing your excitement in video form
  • A question and answer live video session
  • Videos the day of as the action is taking place 
  • Videos showing transformation and takeaway with attendees sharing their a-ha’s on camera

These are just a few ideas on building out your video content bank to get started! The possibilities are endless from here. 

Email Content Bank for an Event or Workshop
  • An email announcing that you have big news coming soon! 
  • An email inviting your list to sign up as the FIRST to know/hear about it (offering a discount or Early Bird price is always a great motivator) 
  • An email sharing who the event is for
  • An email sharing a story behind why you decided to put on this event
  • An email sharing about other hosts or speakers 
  • An email letting them know what they can walk away with 
  • An email to remind people when time is running out 
  • An email letting people know of the last day to buy 

You may also consider creating an email bank for those who sign up:

  • Let them know you’re excited to have them and give event details 
  • Touch base with them about halfway through and see if they have questions
  • Give them something of value: ie. a resource or tip they can use at the event 
  • Remind them when the event is a week away with the details 
  • Remind them when the even tis tomorrow with the details
  • Follow up and thank them for attending and ask for feedback with a survey or form 

These are just a few ideas on building out your email content bank to get started! What else do you want to include for your event? 

Social Post Content Bank for an Event or Workshop: 
  • Event details: who it’s for, why you’re holding it, what it is, when to purchase
  • Social posts containing sponsor info. Highlight one sponsor per post and create one post that highlights and thanks all sponsors 
  • Venue details: pictures of the venue, special stories or characteristics of the venue, why this venue was chosen, and features
  • Host and speaker bios and introductions
  • Quotes that relate to the theme of the event
  • A behind-the-scenes peek at any goodies or gifts participants will get 
  • Behind the scenes as you pick up items for the event 
  • Stats and facts that relate to the purpose of the day
  • Reminders to get tickets 
  • Helpful resources or tips for the day of 
  • Posts that answer each FAQ separately 

These are just a few ideas on building out your social media content bank to get started! There are so many different angles to come in one single campaign, it will blow you away! 

How to create a content bank for a podcast guest appearance or episode

Whether you’re a podcast host looking to maximize the reach of a single episode or you guested on someone else’s show and you want to repurpose the content from it, you can create a successful marketing campaign around a single episode by creating a content bank. 

Make sure to also check out my related blog: Repurpose Podcast Content Like Never Before

Video Content Bank for a Podcast 
  • A video of you sitting down to record solo or with your guest, let your audience into the “green room” with you! 
  • Video clips of the podcast interview 
  • Quotes or sound bites from the podcast with a video graphic behind it
  • Video of you sharing who you are as a host
  • Video of your guest sharing who they are 
  • Video of any back story – how you met, why this episode is so important to you 
  • Video of takeaways and aha’s
  • Video of any behind the scenes as you edit, prepare, and hit “publish” on the episode 
  • Video sharing when the episode airs and how to listen
  • Video answering any additional audience questions that come in after the show airs  

These are just a few ideas on building out your video content bank to get started! The possibilities are endless from here. 

Email Content Bank for a Podcast 
  • Email to ask the audience for thoughts and get their questions before you record, letting them know when the episode airs! 
  • Email when the episode airs 
  • Email sharing a blog you wrote from the podcast episode which includes both the link to the blog and the episode 
  • Email to share any takeaways you had and asking them to rate, review, and share the episode with someone else 

These are just a few ideas on building out your email content bank to get started! What else do you want to include for your podcast?

Social Media Content Bank for a Podcast 
  • A post asking for audience questions prior to recording
  • A post showing you sitting down to record your interview or episode 
  • A post showing some quirky behind-the-scenes pre-record ritual you have 
  • A post highlighting your guest’s bio and skillset 
  • A post letting people know when the episode is going to air and what they have to look forward to 
  • A post when the episode airs 
  • A post sharing your favorite takeaway or aha 
  • A post with a quote from the episode 
  • A post with anything you promoted during the interview and how to find it 

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a content bank of social media posts around your podcast and guest appearances. If you want more, make sure to check out my Repurpose Podcast Content Like Never Before blog too! 

 How to create a content bank for a single marketing campaign (a real-life example) 

Sometimes, we just want to focus on a particular topic, audience segment, struggle or challenge, or concept. This is when it can be helpful to create a content bank that’s specific to a single marketing initiative. 

Here are a few tangible examples and the industries they might relate to: 

  • A graphic designer could talk about the importance of brand colors, how to choose them, what different colors signify, plus how to use them and where
  • A hypnotist could focus specifically on anxiety or depression, tools for overcoming it, resources and articles on it, and downloadable PDF’s or audio helping individuals through it 
  • A CPA could focus on tax preparation, what you need, when you need it by, things to consider, and questions you might need to ask prior to filing
  • A life coach might speak specifically to those who are recent divorcees as an ideal client focus, what they’re uniquely feeling or experiencing, their unique struggle in being a single mom, insight into moving forward, letting go, dating, starting over, or finances 
  • A content writer, like ME, could focus solely on repurposing content for an entire month! 

That last one, as you may have guessed, is an actual example and what I did so I’ll break it down for you! I decided to focus solely on the topic of repurposing and used it as a springboard for blogs, emails, social media posts, podcast episodes, and more!

You can use this method to create awareness for a particular type of clientele, to help educate people on a specific topic, or to attract people with a pain point you know you can help with into your world. 

When you approach any campaign or initiative this way, I can all but guarantee you’ll blow your own mind as you see all the different angles there are to talk about a niche area in SO many ways! Here’s how I did it with my own initiative. 

To adapt it for your own, just replace the word “Repurposing” with whatever you’re going to focus on and let the ideas start flowing: 

Blog Content on Repurposing 

This month, I wrote five blogs, all with a different spin on Content Repurposing. There’s this one you’re reading now, plus: 

Repurposing Blogs for Increased Visibility

Repurposing Podcast Content Like Never Before

Why is My Blog Not Getting Traffic

How to Repurpose Content for Social Media

Podcast Content on Repurposing 

I often repurpose blogs into an entire podcast episode for my Content with Character podcast. And you bet your bottom dollar when I do, I’ll be including even more personal stories and resources! 

Social Media Content on Repurposing

Every single one of my blogs this month was able to be broken up into multiple (I’m talking like 5-10 each blog) social media posts!

Video Content on Repurposing 

Every blog could be an entire video in and of itself, or I could make a series of videos sharing the tips and takeaways 

Email Content on Repurposing 

In each of my emails this month (I send one weekly), I included a link to the blog, plus another content repurposing tip or resource. 

I hope this blog helped you see for yourself how you can take any one initiative in your business and create an entire marketing campaign around it including blogs, emails, videos, and social media! 

As I mentioned, to adapt it for yourself, replace the word “Repurposing” and start brainstorming ideas under your own niche!

Or…. if you need help, contact me, and let’s have a strategy session where I can help you come up with ideas specific to what you’re focusing on promoting and sharing in your business! 


  • Sit down and consider what you might want to create a content bank around. An event or workshop, a podcast episode or guest appearance, a launch, a specific topic or marketing campaign – what is it for you in your business? 
  • Check out my blog on How to Create a Social Media Content Bank to learn more about social media-specific content banks and how they can help your content creation process 
  • Contact me for a personalized strategy session where we’ll focus on the content you’re struggling with in YOUR business!