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Repurposing Blogs for Increased Visibility

You probably hear a lot about content repurposing and repurposing blogs, but are you actually doing it?

If not, you’re not alone! The main reasons I hear for people not repurposing blogs and other pieces of content is because: 

  • They don’t know where to start
  • It feels time-consuming 
  • It seems complicated and confusing 

This blog will help making repurposing blogs for increased visibility way simpler and show you the steps to breaking down a blog and turning it into MORE. 

How Does Repurposing Blogs Increase Visibility? 

Bonus points to you if you’re already writing a blog! That’s a huge first step and will give you a world of content, using what you’ve already written!

Contrary to what you might think, people are still regularly reading blogs and that’s not going anywhere for a while! Blogs are an excellent way to increase traffic to your website (with strategic SEO) and can serve as a marketing tool to help you make money while you sleep! 

While many people still do read blogs, not everyone reads blogs. And not everyone reads all of your blog. 

In fact, not everyone listens to your podcast, reads your email, watches your Reels, looks at your social media posts… 

I know it seems harsh. But it’s true. Our audience consumes content in different ways and by using the same piece of content in different forms, we can reach those who may have otherwise missed it altogether. 

With repurposing blogs, or any content, you can reach more people by breaking it down into social media posts, emails, videos, podcast episodes, and more!

Further, faster, wider. All by repurposing. 

Repurposing Blogs into Social Media Posts 

I’m a firm believer that a long-form piece of content, such as a blog, can last you all week if you repurpose it into social media posts! 

In repurposing this blog for example, it can be turned into a series of tips for social media posts and would look like this: 

  1. Post one: How repurposing helps visibility and why do it in the first place
  2. Post two: How to repurpose blogs into social media posts
  3. Post three: How to repurpose blogs into emails
  4. Post four: How to repurpose blogs into podcast episodes
  5. Post five: What holds people back when it comes to repurposing and what to do about it? 

Bonus post: Tell a story that relates to the repurposing blog topic!

Parse out the main points in your blog and turn those into posts for social media! You can do this with very little effort, and it’s going to be ALMOST as simple as cut and paste. Follow me on Instagram HERE if you want to see how I do this on the regular with my blog, podcast, and more! 

Repurposing Blogs into Emails 

I’m on someone’s email list who does this beautifully. She takes a really great intro to her blog, turns it into an email, and then guides people to the blog to finish reading. That’s one way to do it. I’ve also seen people take their entire blog post and turn it INTO the body of their email (caution: this is length-dependent!). 

But as with social media posts, you can repurpose blogs into emails by simply offering ONE of the tips you provide in your blog, or one story, or one piece of it, and then guide them to take the next steps in the email. Either to take action or to read your blog for more. 

Repurposing Blogs into Video Content 

I always end up talking myself into repurposing blogs and podcast episodes into video content when I talk about it. I’m not a video gal, but I do know the value of making our content accessible to people who are. And there are a whole lot of video-lovers out there. 

To repurpose your blog into video content, you could turn it into a short series of Reels featuring all of the tips you share in your blog, you could record one long video or a Facebook Live where you reiterate all the points in your blog. You could also interview someone else on the information in the blog, or live workshop the material in the blog with them and reshare it on YouTube or other social media. 

How could you turn your blog and repurpose it into video content?

Repurposing Blogs into Podcast Episodes 

This one I LOVE. As host of the She Built This podcast, Content with Character, as well as a cohost of a new show coming soon, I’m WILD about podcasting. 

Repurposing blogs into podcast episodes is easy! You could even… if you want, read the blog to your audience! I always add a lot more storytelling and spaciousness when repurposing a blog into a podcast episode, but do what works for you. 

And, super extra bonus – you can repurpose a blog into a podcast episode and VIDEO yourself doing it! Wow, see what I did there? 

A blog holds endless possibilities and can even become an entire course, a workshop, an event, and more!

Want someone to just take all this repurposing off your plate for good? Walk you through it specifically for YOUR content? Learn more about how I help women entrepreneurs with content copywriting HERE. Let’s connect!