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Why is Curiosity Important for Success?

Curiosity as a core value helps you grow personally and professionally. 

Do you consider yourself a curious person? Are you always on a quest to learn and know something new or dive deeper into experience and ideas? 

If you have a burning desire to learn and grow, you can safely go ahead and use the adjective “curious” to describe yourself. 

Curious people ask more questions, dive deeper into the layers under the surface, and follow what interests them whether it be ideas or information. 

While curiosity by itself isn’t the only key to success, curiosity is important for success and can help lead you to discover new solutions, deepen your relationships with others, and unlock a world of potential, opportunities, and growth. 

Curious about how curiosity as a core value can help YOU grow personally and professionally? Why is curiosity important for success? 

Thought you’d never ask. Actually, scratch that. Knowing you, of course, you would. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Three reasons why curiosity is important for success:

#1 Curiosity is important for success as it’s key to creativity 

When we’re curious, we’re open. We’re willing to hear new perspectives, consider new options and opportunities, and see things in a different way. 

Curiosity can help us to come to realizations and revelations we wouldn’t have otherwise had if we hadn’t followed a spark of interest or asked a better question. 

Curiosity can help to find creative solutions to old problems simply by wondering, “What else might be possible?” 

#2 Curiosity is important for success because it ensures you’re constantly learning new things. 

Life is about evolving and changing. We learn from mistakes and failures, and gain more information that helps us to take better steps forward, and improve our skills and knowledge. Curiosity is the gateway to learning and with learning comes growth! 

When we know better, we can do better. (paraphrase of Maya Angelou’s famous quote)

#3 Curiosity is important for success in helping you connect with others 

In this She Built This podcast episode with guest, Karen Kenney, we talked about curiosity and how it can help us to connect with the world around us and with others. 

“How can we have connection if there’s no curiosity?”

We can connect more with the world and others around us as we get curious to learn more about who they are. 

Curiosity about others can help you find more compassion and kindness for them, it can help you to release judgment as you discover why they are the way they are. And learning about others through curiosity helps you to move about the world with more awareness about what others are thinking, feeling, and experiencing and how it might differ from you. 

Curiosity is a catalyst for compassion, grace, and deeper connection. 

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