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The Secret to a Consistent Brand Voice


Written by guest contributor: Jenny Belanger of Jenny B Designs.

Ready to experience some website magic?! 

As a web designer, I’ve seen ineffective website after ineffective website as a result of copy and visuals being out of sync. Messaging fights with aesthetics. Brand voice and unity go AWOL. And forget engaging users or converting visitors. It’s not a pretty picture. 

But when copy and design join forces early on, it’s straight-up website magic and results in a consistent brand voice! 🪄

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Do I really need a website designer and a copywriter?” This is a question that both copywriters and myself get asked a lot.

The short answer is, YES! 

This is why Emily Aborn, as the copywriter, and I as a website designer have teamed up to share the importance of integrating copy and design from the start for a consistent brand voice and successful website.

In this blog, you’ll find my proven tips for smoothly aligning these elements throughout the process. 

Whether you’re considering a website design today or sometime in the future, you’ll walk away understanding the immense power of copywriting and design harmony. Your website will speak with one consistent brand voice, the user experience will be intuitive, and you’ll attract your ideal clients and revenue.

Let’s start with why copy and design belong together…

Copy and design were MADE for collaboration! When you introduce them early and nurture their partnership, you get:

1) Consistent Brand Voice and Look 

Copy sets the tone while visuals bring that consistent brand voice to life. Combined from the start, they reliably convey your brand identity everywhere. Visitors instantly recognize your distinct style and messaging. Your brand shines!

2) Copy and Design Groove with the Right Balance

Early bonding enables effortlessly balancing copy and aesthetics. The writer knows the messaging angle. The designer understands tone and flow. No element overwhelms —  they complement beautifully and provide consistent branding. 

3) Seamless User Experience 

When copy and visuals naturally enhance each other, it creates an intuitive UX (user experience). The design supports key info. Clean text integrates with images and navigation. Visitors easily absorb and navigate. And of course, stay longer, which helps you with conversions and appeases the Google gods in charge of SEO. 

4) Faster Launch Without Costly Rework  

Developing in tandem avoids redoing one element to match the other. You invest upfront to get both right, saving money down the road. Yes, it is an investment, but it is well worth it and leads to amazing results.

As a Website Designer, I Get Copy and Design Working in Harmony

To get copy and design off on the right foot, I: 

  • Bring Them Together Early 

I include my copywriter right away during the branding and discovery. Together, we determine the site goals and learn about the audience which lays the foundation for the site. 

  • Facilitate Regular Check-ins

Consistent communication keeps everyone looped in. I share drafts and provide feedback to maintain harmony.

  • Create an Aligned Stylescape 

A stylescape captures look, feel, and tone to guide copy and design in one direction. It defines the consistent brand voice and visual identity upfront.

  • Use Collaborative Tools 

Shared tools like Google Drive and Notion (my personal fav) keep the schedule and collaboration on track. Streamlined project management maintains momentum.

  • Include the Copywriter for Website Revisions

This allows them to flag if design tweaks inadvertently hurt messaging flow. We leverage the complementary relationship between copy and visuals right through to the finishing touches! 

When copy and visuals develop hand-in-hand from day one, you craft something greater than the parts. Website visitors instantly recognize and connect with a consistent brand voice, user experience flows intuitively, conversions rise and… you get website magic! 

I hope these tips help you align copy and design from the start to create human-centered websites that convert visitors into loyal clients. And if you’re looking for a website design, we’d love to be your team!

Let’s work together! 

Hi! It’s me again, Emily Aborn your Content Copywriter and host of this site 🙂 I’d love to help bring YOUR message to life through website copy and love collaborating with web designers as the DREAM team to create consistent branding you’re proud to share with the world! 

About my Guest Contributor Website Designer Jenny Belanger

Jenny Belanger is the CEO and Creative Director of JennyB Designs, a website design studio. She helps entrepreneurs and small businesses build websites that communicate and connect with visitors and attract their ideal clients. With a background in nonprofit and corporate marketing and communications, she’s been designing websites for over 20 years. Jenny understands that building a brand and website can be overwhelming and strives to simplify the process so that busy entrepreneurs can be proud of their online presence, land more clients, and get back to business. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two kids, and dog, and is addicted to her desk treadmill. 

Website: jennyb-designs.com

Instagram: @thejennybdesigns