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How to Write a Business Bio that Stands Out

Whether you’re a business owner or working for someone else, you find yourself in need a business bio on the regular… 

It’s important to know how to write a business bio that shows who you are, what you do, and what sets you apart in a concise and memorable way. 

You may find yourself needing: 

  • A LinkedIn bio
  • A bio to be read at workshops and speaking engagements 
  • A bio for when you’re a podcast guest 
  • A bio for your About Page on your website 
  • A way to share about yourself on social media without feeling like you’re just blabbing on about yourself! 
  • And more! 
Especially when you’re working to increase your visibility, the time will come when you need to write about yourself.

I know, it’s weird, right? 

This blog will help make it easier for you to write about yourself and show you how to write several versions of a business bio to help you shine as the magical human you are. 

To begin, let’s get into WHY it’s important to remind people of who you are and what you do. We have to talk about yourselves consistently, and in a way that’s clear, understandable, and creates a connection between us and who we’re sharing with. 

I have a connection online, a fellow service provider, who in my mind did one thing and one thing only. 

In my defense, she talks about this one thing often. She has it as her descriptor line on LinkedIn and Instagram. Recently, she reached out to me letting me know that if I came across people looking for XY-Zed, she could deliver. Now, this was actually quite helpful to me because I encounter people often that are looking for XY-Zed and I don’t offer it in a way that works for everyone all the time. I’m often looking for someplace to refer them too and this was helpful information for me. All this time, I THOUGHT she only did XY, I had no idea about the Zed piece. And I told her so. 

She realized she didn’t talk about the Zed piece anywhere online, and others were probably confused and didn’t know either! So, she re-introduced herself and made a commitment to do it more regularly. 

I was in the same boat recently too. Someone I hadn’t seen in awhile asked me what I was doing for a “living” ((I think she was under the illusion that I was only doing my podcast??)) and I had to spell it out for her that I’m a Content Copywriter. Honestly, not even sure my mom knows that, so I cut this friend some slack. But it sparked in ME a reminder to talk about myself and make a post about who I am and what I do

This is why it’s so important to talk about ourselves. 

It might feel uncomfortable to you but remember that people are busy and moving fast. They’re not always paying attention. We have to consistently remind them of who we are and what we do. It’s not annoying – it’s clear messaging. 

For some people, this may be their first encounter with us. They truly don’t KNOW us yet and we have to welcome them in and tell them who we are and what we do! 

Places to share a business bio and remind people of what you do: 

  • Your About page on your website
  • Your LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Instagram, and other social media bios 
  • Before you get brought on stage or on Zoom as a speaker
  • When you’re introducing yourself in a workshop
  • In podcast episodes you do on your own (solocasts)
  • In podcast episodes you’re a guest on 
  • In person at networking events, family parties, and on the sidelines at soccer games ((we’ll touch on that another time)) 
So how do you write a solid business bio? That talks about YOU in a comfortable way and takes into account who you’re talking to?

The next few sections will give you the basics. If you want to dive in deeper, download my FREE Bio Builder here. ((Note: I threw this together as a resource for YOU. There’s no elaborate optin sequence to follow it and it’s not fancy yet. But I wanted to be sure you had it so you could get pen to paper and start writing your business bio ASAP))

The Number One Key to Writing a Business Bio is to Show You Care. 

Anytime we’re talking about ourselves – whether verbally or writing a business bio, we’re building a bridge. A bridge between who we’re talking to and ourselves. We create a connection when we give them a reason to care and also show that WE care about them too. 

Questions to Ask Before Writing Your Business Bio 

#1) What do you do? 

This seems like the easy part. And for some, this is an easy answer. (ie. “travel agent”, “writer”, “nutrition coach”, “website designer”, “painter”, etc.). Simple. My 8 year old nephew Max could understand and refer you. There are others who are majorly overcomplicating what you do or creating too much vaguery around it. 

Examples I’ve seen: Embodiment Guide, Authenticity Coach, Creative, Time Management Diva, Creator of Fun, Transformational Coach, etc. 

These are slightly hard to understand, because it’s just not that clear. In some instances, we don’t even know what the words mean, or they’re used so frequently they’ve lost their meaning. If what you do comes out along those lines, how can you clarify and simplify it just a tad bit? You can bring in the fun tagline later, but how can you say it in a way that even kid can understand what you do right away.

#2) Who do you work with? 

For this question, I want you to think about not just who you work with, but who you LOVE working with. You don’t need to nail down one single client avatar. ((I know that’s what you hear in many places)), but you can share your love in working for different types of people, at different times and in different ways. So for the purposes of this exercise, I’d list them all out. When you write your business bio, I’d recommend choosing one or two or creatively weaving them together with a common thread. 

For me, here are FOUR I speak to specifically because of common denominators I’ve identified: 

I work with people outside those areas, but those are the four I most often speak to. 

Who do you work with? Who have been your favorite clients and WHY? 

#3) What do you do? 

Again with a caveat, let’s focus on what you most love to do. You don’t have to list all your services and you don’t have to list the ones you don’t particularly want to draw attention to. 

Rather than list out website copy, blog writing, social media content banks, welcome packets, business bios, etc. etc. etc. I often will simply say, “I take the writing in your business off your plate entirely!” or “I guide people in how to create content for themselves with simplicity and ease.” 

Just make sure to include the type of work you REALLY want. 

#4) What makes you unique and different? What sets you apart from others in your industry? 

Don’t let yourself sink into being generic here. Try not to lean too heavily on your extensive educational experience, but really think about what makes you different. 

  • Is it your process? 
  • Your focus on the numbers? 
  • Your strategic brain? 
  • Your empathy? 
  • Your intution? 
  • Your impeccable attention to detail? 

If you struggle to determine what sets you apart, look at what your clients say you they love about you in testimonials. 

Maybe your years of experience are a piece of what set you apart, maybe your education is beyond what others in your industry have, or the specific niche or the specific type of project you offer is something not many others do – weave that in too, but I do recommend looking at the human characteristics that set you apart from the noise. 

Even if you’re a “brand” you have human characteristics. 

#5) What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

Think beyond the coffee pot and too full bladder here. ((you might wanna’ sit with this one)) What really gets you excited for the day ahead? 

Here are some of my answers: 

CONNECTION with others and the natural world around me

The question, “WHAT CAN I LEARN TODAY?” 


My fingers twitching because they have no choice but to WRITE and CREATE 

WORD GAMES and puzzles and all the #brainnerdnerdbrainthings

The beautiful routine and JOY of my simple life

And of course, in addition to all of that, a full bladder and coffee.

What is it for you? Your kids? Clients?  

Time to put it together to write your business bio! 

We’ve answered our four questions: 

  1. What do you do? 
  2. Who do you work with? 
  3. What do you like to do most in your business? 
  4. What sets you apart? 
  5. What gets you outta’ bed in the morning? 

You can start taking these answers and writing down your business bio messy and sloppy. Make it weird. Just get it down on paper. 

Then, you can tidy it up using these tips: 

  1. With every version you create, pretend you’re writing your business bio for just one person. Speak to them directly. 
  2. Create a few different versions. I recommend the following: 
    1. A few social posts
    2. A 50-75 word version first person
    3. A 150 word version first person
    4. A 50-75 word version third person
    5. A 150 word version third person
    6. A “What Sets Me Apart” section with bulleted points 
  3. Consider a hook, if you want. I’m not a wild fan of hooks, but I’ve seen some that are catchy. If that’s your style, go for it!
  4. Add in a fun fact or two – what you do in your free time, any pets you have, etc. You can also share a boring fact if you’re life is devoid of fun ones. Something that humanizes you and makes you uniquely you. 
  5. Be as specific as possible. The more specific you are the better. Don’t say “Everyone who…” or “Anyone who…”. Write in specifics. 

"The more specific we are, the more universal something can become. Life is in the details. If you generalize, it doesn't resonate. The specificity of it is what resonates."

Keep this reminder mind when writing your business bio: 

YOU are a one of a kind human and you work with other one of a kind humans. Writing a great bio and talking about yourself, bridges these two together in the very best of ways.