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How Personality Types Affect Communication

Have you ever wondered how personality types affect communication? 

In this She Built This episode about the Enneagram in relationships, my guest Christina Granahan and I dive into the communication styles of each Enneagram type and talk about how our personality types impact our communication with others. 

We discuss how learning about how communication styles differ from personality type to personality type, we can become more empathetic and understanding. We also cover how, for each of us, our greatest gifts and assets can also be our greatest liabilities in our personality types. 

In this conversation about how personality types affect communication, we cover: 

  • The body, mind, and heart triads of the Enneagram and what each are seeking as they move about the world

  • How we might respond when we feel unseen, unheard, or misunderstood 

  • Where Christina sees people bumping up against their own personalities

  • How each of the Enneagram personality types affect communication

  • What role shame plays in our communication 

  • And More!

Connect with Christina Granahan: 

Christina has been curious about people her entire life. In elementary school, she told her teacher she wanted to be a social worker so it was a surprise to no one when she graduated with her MSW at 22. 

She has spent much of her career working with teens and adults living at the intersection of one or more marginalized identities including LGBTQ, BIPOC, people with AIDS, people with substance use disorder, and those who are undocumented, living in the US.

About 15 years ago she expanded her work to include coaching and consulting with staff groups, supervisors, and directors around clinical issues, leadership development, and team building. 

Since then, Christina’s deeply focused in on the Enneagram in hopes of getting clarity on some important relationships in her life. Through the learning, she discovered that she was the problem. More accurately, she was a problem and the only one she could change. 

Since that first course, Christina has been immersed in the Russ-Hudson tradition, attending the Enneagram Institute, participating in a 15-month course on the Enneagram and conscious living, and is currently completing a certification course in teaching the Enneagram to beginners as well as advanced learners.

Christina is an expert in personality development, developmental trauma, and the Enneagram and is committed to helping others live more consciously, make more informed decisions in their lives, and tell the truth. 



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